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Static Effect disappears


I used couple effects for light poles. Both are static ones.
One for lamp and one for spot on ground.
It works fine if you start your flight in this scenery and comming back after the flight.

But it suddenly dissappears if the scenery is destination airport and you came from another one far away.

Can somebody advise what could be a problem?

Thank You!

P.S. I used fx_navwhih and slightely edited fx_dotwhite effects.
I have the same problem with my lights (no wonder - I'm using the same effect file as you :rolleyes: ): Started at EDDF to EDDB and arriving there, I saw no effect ...

Do you have a solution?

EDIT: I placed the "smoking house" from the SDK tutorial on my scenery. I started about 80 nm from my airport and when I arrived, the chimney was smoking, but the lights were off :mad:
Even with 14 nm starting distance - the same!

Explored a bit more ... VERY STRANGE! :eek: :eek: :eek: :confused: :confused: :confused:
Can anyone call Scully and Molder?

I changed
Lifetime=0.50, 0.50

Lifetime=900, 900

And started 14nm away. There are several lights on my airport and when I arrived, the ones nearest to my departure airport where SHINING BRIGHT and the ones further away where off :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

When I started 75 nm away, all lights were off.

Turned back to

Lifetime=0.50, 0.50
and also with starting distance 14nm all light were off :scratchch :scratchch :scratchch :scratchch :scratchch

Changed to
Lifetime=2000, 2000

and now there are all dark again even with 14nm starting distance ...

By the way - the chimney is still puffing :censored: :censored:

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try changing lifetime to 0.00, 0.00 which i believe the effect stays on all the time. just make sure for each emitter section of your file is changed

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tried what i wrote above and doesnt work....just happens that mine dont work either...but if i come across something i'll post it up