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P3D v4 Switch bool on start up

Hi, I made this switch animation in modeldef. I want to know what I need to do so the switch starts to turn on when the sim starts. Its an on-off switch, but I would like it to be on when the sim starts.

<PartInfo> <Name>switch_pedcom_left_330</Name> <AnimLength>50</AnimLength> <Animation> <Parameter> <Code> (L:switch_pedcom_left_330,bool) 50 *</Code> <Lag>400</Lag> </Parameter> </Animation> <MouseRect> <Cursor>Hand</Cursor> <TooltipText>Communications Power</TooltipText> <MouseFlags>LeftSingle+RightSingle</MouseFlags> <CallbackCode> (L:switch_pedcom_left_330, bool) ! (>L:switch_pedcom_left_330, bool) 1 (&gt;L:Switch Finger Sound rik,number) </CallbackCode> </MouseRect> </PartInfo>

The easiest way to initialize any panel or action is to add code:
         (L:Init, enum) 0 == if{ 1 (&gt;L:switch_pedcom_left_330, bool) 1 (&gt;L:Init, enum) }
Can be placed in the gauge XML code.
You can also assemble state logic by including other variables in the code for different initialization states.
In C++, the logic is approximately the same, but there you can configure the initialization more flexibly
Thanks! Ok, so I've added that to my gauge, although the switch wasn't turned on when the sim started.

If I changed 0 == to 1 == the switch was on, but then I couldn't toggle it on or off. Is it how I wrote the animation in the modeldef that would be affecting this, because I understand how your code should work :)
Leave your code
<Code> (L:switch_pedcom_left_330,bool) 50 *</Code>
<TooltipText>Communications Power</TooltipText>
(L:switch_pedcom_left_330, bool) ! (>L:switch_pedcom_left_330, bool)
1 (&gt;L:Switch Finger Sound rik,number)

As it is.

To your folder Panel.хх рlace the folder there.
Register in Panel.cfg to section [Vcockpit01] gaugeXX=Init_main!Main_processor, 1,1,20,20. If initialization is needed in 2D, you can add code to the sections of the 2D panel [WindowХХ] that start when loading.
This is one way.
In C++, this is much easier to do by immediately setting the values after registering the variable or from the configuration file.


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Oh yeah it works!! Thank you!
And I would also recommend the variables of the sound assign and program separately in the external code to take out the limits of the compiled in the .mdl code. This will allow you to work with the variables directly and improve the flexibility and capabilities of code and sound.