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MSFS The Goose flies again for MSFS

Pam Booker (@Warchild ) and I are getting pretty close to a release on the OzX Goose Redux HD for MSFS (phew what a mouthful), though we might need to change the working title. Pam remains the only active member of the OzX team who updated the original FSX Goose and we've spent a lot of time with this beauty making her even better for MSFS by replacing all of the old 2D XML Instruments with 3D Gauges, upscaling all of the textures to 4K using AI Upscaling and creating PBR textures for all of the liveries as well.


Cruising around Port Phillip Bay in Victoria Australia


Parked at Latrobe Valley


This was taken halfway through the 2D XML replacement


Closeup of the Pilots main instruments and annunciator panel.

We should have this out (preliminary release) for everyone by Christmas with final updates finished early in the New Year. The development board can be seen here: Grumman Goose for MSFS

We stand on the sholders of Giants and the beauty of this bird is a testament to the original developers and then the OzX Team who took her to the next level.
I'm eagerly looking forward to flying the updated conversion ASAP... many thanks for your work making this outstanding aircraft available 'again' ...in MSFS-2020. :)

I really like the idea of using AI Upscaling for the textures.
Yea it works well in most places, but doesn't beat purpose made textures in others. I should post a comparison at some point.
Regardless it's a fantastic way for older planes to fly again with little effort on that front.
This will be the first decent seaplane in MSFS which is great news. The Icon is so ugly I didn't even want to try it. Does it use the legacy FSX flight model or the new msfs flight model?
This will be the first decent seaplane in MSFS which is great news. The Icon is so ugly I didn't even want to try it. Does it use the legacy FSX flight model or the new msfs flight model?
This is a full native conversion and so uses the new flight model.
I also hope OzWookie has a link to a 'official' FSX-era package which was IIRC, originally done for FSX with "coincidental" P3D compatibility.

This is a year 2020 reference to a less well known download site, and includes tweaking info for the FSX platform in the SOH thread: :idea:

PS: Turn up the "woofers" on your computer sound system for this one ! :)

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In that case, I'll pull the plug on my headphones so I can let my subwoofer bark! I've been looking forward to this.
Amazing work! Did you struggle with the contact points for the floats? (or maybe was it already setup from previous versions?)
Working on my beaver, it took me days to find a good set of contact points that wouldnt launch me into the stratosphere! :)
How's the float behaviour?
You converting or making a new Beaver? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
As this is a native conversion, a fair amount of hard work was already done and Pam went through and updated the flight model for MSFS.