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MSFS Tiger Moth

Bad things happen when you run out of oil.

I've co-opted the new MSFS fuel system to incorporate oil consumption. You can set the rate at which a particular fuel line operates so you can control how much oil is consumed. You need to do a bit of fiddling with the fuel valves and what not but once you have it setup you can set up a engine failure if the oil level drops too much.

I've also used WASM gauge to save the fuel and oil levels and reinject them into the plane when it loads so the levels can be persistent from one flight to the next if the user wishes.

Also, did you know a Tiger Moth can keep running at full throttle for about 13 seconds after turning off the fuel? As the fuel cutoff is at the bottom of the tank there is still a lot of fuel in the lines and this can keep the engine running long after the fuel has been cutoff. This has been simulated using the new MSFS fuel system as you can set the volume of the fuel lines.

I just need to delete the Oil section from the Payload section as it's now part of the Fuel system.



Resource contributor
As far as I'm concerned, in my current plane (Canso PBY-5A), I also have an oil consumption to manage. I'm thinking of doing it differently via a javascript that would calculate the oil consumption and pass it on to the remaining oil volume. The management of variables and their persistence would also be done by javascript.
I don't know WASM and the docs to get started in it aren't around :confused: .