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Time Table request

Just noticed by somebody using, and presumably earlier, that when looking at the time table option for a multi week flight plan it only displays options to check for the seven days. No option to check for a specific day in a specific week.

Are you able to amend the coding to show a multi-week plan using the Time Table?


Resource contributor
I believe it already does. But only 7 days of activity is shown at a time. You should be able to scroll horizontally for day 7 and beyond.

If that doesn't work for you, please post the file set or traffic file for the multi-week plan and I'll check.
Sorry, Don. You are quite correct. I just couldn't see it for looking.

However, it does bring up one question. Supposing that you load a multi-week plan into the Time Table. How can you tell which is the current week of that multi-week plan. For example in an 8-week plan which week is the current one?

I am sure that it is available somewhere, I just can't see it. Mind you I couldn't see the multi-week either.


Resource contributor
"Current week" is a function of system time when the file is executed by Flightsim. There is no concept of system time in the Traffic & Parking Analyser. I suppose a function to determine current week from an arbitrary date would be possible, but how much value does that add?


Resource contributor
I'm busy now trying to get AIFP to work with MSFS2020. I'll see what's involved in adding a "current week" function when that's done.

Please remind me in a couple weeks.


Resource contributor
Firebird, you have asked for a "current week" indication in the timetable functions. I have now had a look at the related code. It is not clear to me at this time what additional capability I might add to address your request. Could you please be more specific about what you would like to see added to AIFP regarding "current week" (that does not require major surgery).
Apologies for taking so long to respond but I hadn't visited the forum this week.

OK, whilst I am looking at the usefulness from a users point of view I will try to structure the response in a way that may help in regards to programming.
Firstly, it goes without saying that it the plan is NOT a multi-week plan then nothing really changes from the output you already show, unless they are necessary due to any changes made due to multi-week traffic.
If it is a multi-week plan then the first thing to do is work out which week would be displayed, in exactly the same way that FSX etc would do in game. Then display that weeks movements with a notation of which week it is and a mechanism to enable the user to click to either the previous week, the next week or even an individual week.

This I think would be a useful addition to AIFPs capabilities.

Presumably this would also affect the Traffic and Parking Analyser routine as well.


Resource contributor
Knowing which week to display in the timetable would have to be based on system time. While that's (i.e. pick-a-week) easy to do, you still need a mechanism to select the other weeks. Leave it with me. I'm involved in something else right now, so it may be a week or two before I get around to it.

Incidentally, the T&PA analysis already allows you to scroll the entire length of the flight plan


Resource contributor
I took a quick look at the existing timetable code to get some idea of the scope of the job. I quickly realized why the feature has not been - and cannot be implemented.

The basis of a timetable is the current complement of flight plans, not an individual flight plan. However, the concept of multi-week applies only to individual flight plans. So, while what you ask for could be done if all flight plans in the file have a uniform repeat period, it has no meaning if various repeat periods are included - which is the general case.

What could be done is allow the user to enter a specific calendar date and display the timetable for the week including that date. But I question its general usefulness. It seems to me that since the Traffic & Parking Analyser, which operates over a full 8-week period (or whatever else is the maximum repeat period encountered), offers similar information.