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FSX Timetable along with flightplan data??

Is there a way to extract the timetable info along with which flightplan is utilised for each particular flight for a selected airport. I used to use a tool called ACA2005 on my fs9 setup but unfortunately the function doesnt work in the FSX version.

Grateful for any suggestions,



Resource contributor
Not sure what you mean by "extract". Using the Timetable function under Flight Plans, you can click on a time table item and the corresponding flight plan will be selected.

Hi Don, with ACA I can select an airport and have extract from all the flightplans, the flight details either daily or weekly. It gives the airline, the flight details, the aircraft and the respective flightplan that this flight is from. I found it a great way to filter out duplicates as I could see exactly what flights and flightplans were used for the respective airport.


if you use the TimeTable function by selecting ALL of your flightplan BGL's and then selecting the airport you want to check, you can then see if there are duplicates. You would then have to repeat this but only selecting individual BGL flightplans to see which one(s) contain the duplicates. This should not be too great a work load for you.


Resource contributor
Now that I know what you meant by "extract", you will probably find the Bulk Traffic Files function Check If Airport Used in Traffic Files useful. You could then load only those traffic files into the Traffic and Parking Analyser and derive all the other information you're interested in - and more.