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FS2004 Timezone problem - 3.2.13b

I was checking parking availability an FP. I was advised that local timeset offset for several airports could be determined.

On checking these airports the country for all of them was "United States of America" changed this to be the same as other accepted airports as "United States".

Closed/re-opened AIFP to check.

Same problem - on checking the country had reverted to "United States of America"!!

Checked AirportList-Updates,dat and the last entries are as per the expected "United States" updates.

Airportlist.dat has original "United States of America" entries

Thought there may be a problem with timezones so tried the timezone update - this failed with a "Unable to establish communication with AIG update server http://jcai.dk and description of problem ie Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel"

Any ideas?



Resource contributor
Jim, there are no airports having "United States of America" as their country in the stock airport list provided with AIFP (AirportList Base.dat), so they must be custom airports.

You claim you changed the country name of these airports to "United States". It's not clear how you did that since you also claim the country "United States of America" remains in AirportList.dat. If you had edited AirportsList.dat directed, or with the airport Editor, that would not be the case.

I suggest you repeat the edits to make them permanent. As an alternative, you could add a necessary timezone offsets using the Timezone Editor.

As for the AIG update server, the owner of that server recently changed the access from "http" to "https", which cannot readily be accommodated from AIFP. I awaiting his response to the issue before possibly removing this feature from AIFP.

Hope this helps,
Yep they were custom airports, I used the Airport Editor and changed the country to United States.
After restarting AIFP I checked the airports and they had reverted back to United States of America in the Airport Editor.
I re-entered this 3-4 times with the same result.

Still confused :(



Resource contributor
Did you just click Apply Update, or did you also click Save to AirportList.dat? (It's possible there's a problem in the Airport Editor when the old country name begins with the new name.)

In either case, just edit AirportList.dat with AIFP NOT running.



Resource contributor
Jim, the Airport Editor is not the issue. I can change "United States of America" to "United States" without difficulty.

I suspect what's happening is due to the way AIFP builds AirportList.dat at startup. It starts with AirportsList_Base.dat, adds to that any add-on airports you have collected (from AirportList_Addon.dat) and finally completes the file with any temporary airports (definitions from airport. txt files you may have loaded that were not in airportsList.dat at the time). Consequently, if the airport name in the airport .bgl remains "United States of America", that's what is in AirportList_Addon.dat and will get inserted into AirportList.dat when it is built. Changing the country name in AirportList_Addon.dat would only be a temporary fix since the next time you Collect Airports, it will revert to "United States of America".

The only permanent fix is to change the country name in the airport .bgl and re-Collect Airporta or create a separate set of timezone offsets for "United States of America".



Resource contributor
Jim, AIFP Development Release 3,2.13(c), just posted, should issue a warning upon closing the Airport Editor if any of the changes affect an add-on airport (registered by Collect Airports).

Please confirm that it does so in your case.