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P3D v4 Triple airplanes

Hello, can some one please tell me why is it that every time that I create a flight plan, instead of having 1 designated airplane, 3 of them show up following the flight plan from start to end ie the 3 planes depart from the airports one after another as if they where 1.


Resource contributor
That's never been reported before. I would have asked if, perhaps, you have 3 copies of your traffic file within the purview of P3D. But every time? With every flight plan and aircraft? And each individual flight plan and leg appears only once in the flight plan file?

If so, it could only be something VERY unusual on your system. But I can't even hazard a guess as to what it might be.

Does P3D v4 have a facility similar to the FSX "Traffic Explorer" - which can be loaded from the SDK?

If so, this is a useful tool to find out which traffic bgl file is spawning any particular aircraft.


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The traffic file appears normal. Does the aircraft appear normal - and only one of them when parked?

In your earlier post you said "every time that I create a flight plan". Did you really mean that. - every FP, every AC, at every airport?



Resource contributor
If the traffic file is normal it almost certainly means you have more than one traffic BGL file in some active scenery folders.
The flight plan that you are seeing is a new one created on a brand new airport that is not in the stock airports. So I can guess that no traffic coming form other software or that I have previouly created are present. this is the first flight plan created for this airport.
If you open the flight choosing the plane to be at the parking spot at 10am the 3 beechcraft planes will appear. When ATC clears the plane for take off the 3 parked star in a row, and the 3 take off.
And yes this happens every time that I create a new flight plan
The aircraft appear normal when parked.Only difference is that my plane carries its ID OB2110P and the 3 other don't but they all are from the same airline that I made using fsrepaint.
Please tell if you are seeing the same when the flight plan opens.


Resource contributor
Without your new airport, it's difficulty to see what you see. Do the 3 ACs when parked occupy 3 different parking spots? Do they behave as 3 separate aircraft or are they always in the same relative positions.. Have you explored the possibility that the fault lies with the aircraft?

I can only test using AIFP and FSXA as I do not possess any P3D product.

The supplied BGL was opened in AIFP. Had to replace the aircraft with an FSX default Baron. Had to replace airfield SPMC with another nearby airport SPME as SPMC appears to be an airport 'out at sea / off the coast'. (Checked this using satellite data)
Schedules 1 and 2 are OK but I had to alter the timings to suit SPME alteration. 2 aircraft should spawn and do identical flights.
Schedules 3 and 4 are incomplete - missing legs on Wed, Thurs and Friday. Legs corrected and timings altered to suit change of airport. 2 aircraft should spawn and do identical flights.
In FSXA, with my standard AI schedules turned off to ensure available spaces, at departure times only 2 Barons stand on parking spots. They leave on time as expected and arrive at destinations as expected.
When an FSX default aircraft, (one that has an 'alterable' registration,) is called up as a USER aircraft it will show the registration as requested by the user but if the same aircraft is used as an AI aircraft then it will not show any registration at all. I assume that your aircraft is a repaint of a default aircraft? Or, does P3D work differently?

Can any P3Dv4 user confirm or otherwise the existence/availability in P3Dv4 of "Traffic Explorer" which is available in FSX?
as Don says that Traffic Explorer is available in P3Dv4, I strongly suggest that you install it and then you will be able to find out if you have multiple AI bgl files causing your multiple AI aircraft. This is the most likely cause of your problem and Traffic Explorer is the easiest way to discover them.
Well guys first of all thank you for the replies and interest to help, that is a great spirit.
Let me try amd reply to your questions: the 3 ACs when parked occupy three different parking spots.They behave as three different aircrafts. No the problem has nothing to do with the beechcraft used since this happens also with A320, EMB70 & B737 that I have used at different flght plans.
Now I think that installing the Traffic Toolbox Explorer available in P3D4 SDK could help me a lot. Have never used it so can you tell what to do to install it? Just go to the P3D SDK folder look for the


Resource contributor
Open the Pv4 SDK documentation and do a search on "Traffic Toolbox" The instructions are there.

Since the aircraft use 3 different parking spots, the only plausible explanation is that you have 3 copies of the traffic file active. But, of course, that is not possible give your earlier statement "every time". Give it a look anyway.

Don sorry to bother you but once the P3D SDK is opened I can see 9 folders, one of them is World. If I open it the folders Autogeneration,Scenery,Terrain and Traffic appear. When Traffic is clicked I and can only see a TrafficToolbox.dll and a TraffiDatabaseBuilder.exe Guess that I doing something wrong because I can not see wher or how to install the Traffic Toolbox
Attached is another flight plan, this time with stock airports. Please tell me if with this bgl you are able to really look and what's happening: pack of 3 airplanes
Appreciate your help


  • Traffic_HECA TO HELX A320 Nile Air.bgl
    3.3 KB · Views: 96


Resource contributor
What I did notice in this new traffic file is that it contains two identical flight plans. That would result in two aircraft performing the same manoeuvers at the exact same time. As a consequence, I went back and checked the earlier one and it too contains identical flight plans.

Perhaps this is the source of your issue.

Attached is another flight plan, this time with stock airports. Please tell me if with this bgl you are able to really look and what's happening: pack of 3 airplanes
Appreciate your help

This new file contains 2 IDENTICAL schedules - similar to the earlier bgl for Peru. Is there a reason why you are always doubling up on the schedules?
What do you mean "pack of 3 airplanes"?
Are you aware that scheduling "Daily" rather than "Weekly" then your schedule will operate EVERY day - as opposed to scheduling the same flight for every day of the week?
You may have to explain EXACTLY what your procedure is when programming your schedules in AIFP. Take this new file for example - having saved it, do you then click on compile? Does the compiled file go into the AI flights folder in your P3D set up?

The "Traffictoolbox.dll" needs to be referenced in the "dll.xml" file that will exist somewhere your P3D files set up. There is a help file in the SDK folder explaining how to do it - in FSX this has a .chm extension.


Resource contributor
Ray reminded me. I forgot to mention in my previous post that the instructions for installing the Traffic Toolbox are, as I said before, in the SDK documentation. The files themselves are in the SDK (as you have discovered). Perform the search in the documentation that I suggested.

Good morning guys, again appreciate your comments.
Yes I do have 2 IDENTICAL schedules, with a time diference. The reason is that I am trying to schedule the 1st FP to start every day of the week, lets say at 10am and the 2nd FP to start every day of the week 30 minutes after.
Thought that by having 30 minutes I would not have two aircrafts performing the same manouver at exactly the same time.
And yes each FP is saved and then compiled. The compiled file goes to P3D Scenery, World, Scenery where all traffic files are kept.
My procedur