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P3D v4 Triple airplanes


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In this last file, there is no time difference. Both planes leave for HECA at 0700 each morning and arrive at HELX at 0805. They then both leave HELX at 0825 and arrive back at HECA at 0932, Both planes will act identically, at the same times. Each line in the flight plan file is one plane. Two lines means two planes will be flying.

In the first file, you have two planes leaving at 1500 and two planes leaving at 1630. Each pair will act identically.


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In both files, two FPOs use identical times. If you had a 30 minute difference, it fell-out along the way here.

Just realize that the Procedure that I use was not posted: First I select Start New Flight Plan, then select the aircraft, select 1 wk, thenclock each dat of the week,number the flight plan, from lets say SPIM, set the Departure time ie 10.00 am to destination airport SPHI, click to overide ETA, Save Edits. Then I add the new leg to get the aircraft back to where it started, then click every day of the week, to SPIM, override ETA, save edits. Then add to flight plan, insert in FP list, compile tand save the FP
OK - procedure seems workable but not sure why you do not select 24hr rather than Week then you would not have to tick each day of the week - this would make the 'flightplans.txt' much simpler to read.
But you still say that whatever you do, you get 3 aircraft at the depart time? We can see that 2 of them come from your flightplans - where you always seem (up to now) to have 2 identical flights. Is not the 3rd aircraft your User aircraft i.e. the one you would be flying? Do you make this User aircraft a different aircraft to the AI that you are scheduling?
Can you supply a screenshot of your "scenery\World\scenery" folder (the one that stores AI flight plans) preferably with the latest files at the top of the list?
Good morning,
Think that selecting 24hr rather than Week and with this not select each day of the week to be a good idea.
The 3rd aircraft is not my user aircraft ie the one that I am flying, which is the same to the AI that’s being schedulled.
Considering all of your recommendations yesterday I did a new flight plan and 2 IDENTICAL aircrats appeared, since I am now at my ipad, I will send later.
What I am considering doing is deleting a selected group of FP from the Scenery World Scenery, do them again and see what happens.
But tell me is doing exactly the same FP twice or three times with the 30 minutes time diference something that I should keep doing or not
Here is the FP made yesterday appreciate if you take a look at it. When I opened it at HECA 2 Aircargo planes,which I selected, appeared, besides the one that I would fly


  • Traffic_HECA HELX A320 AirCargo.bgl
    3.3 KB · Views: 51
This is the selected group on Scenery World Scenery that I am considering to delete and redo with all of your recomendations


  • Traffic_HEBL HECA-Jet Fighter29.bgl
    4.6 KB · Views: 55
  • Traffic_HEBL HECA-Jet Fighter27.bgl
    8.8 KB · Views: 48
  • Traffic_HECA HELX A320 Fly Egypt.bgl
    6.1 KB · Views: 54
  • Traffic_HECA HELX A320 Nile Air.bgl
    3.3 KB · Views: 64
  • Traffic_HELX HEBL A320 AIRCAIROt.bgl
    3.9 KB · Views: 55
  • Traffic_HECA HELX A320 AirCargo.bgl
    3.3 KB · Views: 49
  • Traffic_HECA HELX B737 800 Egyptair.bgl
    4.7 KB · Views: 51
  • Traffic_HELX HEBL A320 Flyegypt.bgl
    1.6 KB · Views: 56
  • Traffic_HELX HEBL EMB170 Egyptair Express.bgl
    1.5 KB · Views: 42
  • Traffic_HELX HEBL NileAir A320 .bgl
    2.8 KB · Views: 51
What if you would start anew (i.e. delete all these traffic files) and just make one new flightplan for HECA/HELX/HEBL?
You could also use a tool called 'everything' to have all traffic or HECA/HELX/HEBL files found on your computer and then delete the ones that are duplicated or not necessary.
Here is the FP made yesterday appreciate if you take a look at it. When I opened it at HECA 2 Aircargo planes,which I selected, appeared, besides the one that I would fly

Again, why are you creating 2 IDENTICAL flightplans -same registrations, flight numbers, departure times, etc.? To have an airplane start at an airfield, depart to another airfield, stand at the second airfield, depart the second airfield and return to the original airfield, ONLY REQUIRES ONE LINE OF SCHEDULING. Any extra lines of scheduling will ADD another airplane to the set up even if it has the same registration, etc.
Your flightplan WILL put 2 instances of the A320 Cargo plane at your airports.
I presume you are SAVING your various AI files and producing the 3 text files - if so, you can safely delete all of the files that may be causing you problems.
But I really want to know why you seem to always have 2 identical flightplans in your AI schedules.
Let me get this straight because I plan on deleting all of my FPs and creating correct ones: are you telling me that all that’s needed to start at an airfield,depart to another field,stand at the second airfield,depart the second airfield and return to the original only requieres one line of schedulling? Does this mean that the ADD LEG where I thought would take the AI back to where it started is not needed? Because this is what I have been doing in all of my FPs
Example: started to create SPIM TO SPYL
chosed 24hr,ATC call sign Reg, and the Flight Planner Editor page is reading
(1) DEPARTS 15.00 TO SPYL ARRIVES AT 17.10 FLIGHT 520 ALT 240 F/R R, S,M,T,W,T,F,SM#
Whats the next step, Add FP to List, then Insert FP in list amd compile?
No need to Add Leg and plane will get back to original airport?
Sorry for all this mess my friends
Depends on what you want.
If you want a weekly departure then set it to weekly.
If you want an AI do a 2 hour journey back and forth, then use a 6 or 8 hour one (to allow for some down time at the departure and arrival airports. Your departures as well as your arrivals should be within this interval. It will be automatically repeated after 6 or 8 hours.
If you want another aircraft to fly the same route, then add first a single aircraft, make some flightplan for it and add it to the existing flightplan.
Do not forget to update the existing flightplans with the new ones before you compile into a new traffic file.
Each new aircraft will have to have a return leg. i.e. you should have at least 2 legs for each and every flightplan per aircraft.
As per your example, no, that one needs a return leg from SPYL back to SPIM to be added before you compile!


Resource contributor
If you click Add FP to List, it appears once. If you hold your mouse over the plan in the main window, 14 legs will display in the tooltip - 7 round trips, one per day for the week. This is all you need to do - you are done.

If you then click Insert FP in List, you have added this flight AGAIN. Now you have two planes flying identical flights. You should NOT click Insert FP in List UNLESS you are inserting a NEW flight plan somewhere into the middle of the flight plan list. To add a NEW flight plan to your file, you click the Start New FP button and begin again. Then add it with the Add FP to List button.
I wonder if you have "hit the nail on the head" (so to speak) with your suggestion that "Insert FP in List" may be being clicked - this could explain the 2 identical lines that seem to be occuring?

sorry that I didn't perhaps explain fully - in the Flight Plan Editor you need as many lines as necessary to 'get the plane back to the original airport' . In your case this means 2 lines of schedule.
It is in the Flight Plan List that you are placing 2 identical schedules where only 1 is required. Tom's suggestion regarding the use of the 'Insert FP in List' may be where you are going wrong.
Well guys unfortunately I will be away from my PC for about 15 days, so all of your recomendatios will be implemented upon my return. And don’t worry, I’ll be back, hope with good news.
Regards to all and thanks for your patience