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FSX Trying to replicate flight schedules from the 50's

When still flying FSX (now moved to P3D4), I did build some traffic files based on US airlines flying DC-3's in the early to mid 50's.
For sure, in these years, you probably did not need too much time to taxi from the runway to the terminal or parking spots.
If I want to get the connecting flights at some airports, or even keep the arrival times mentionned in these old schedules, I have to manage my DC-3's to to be able to fly at 180kts to fetch the schedules.
As I am not a "pro" on AIFP, which settings could I change to shorten the time on ground, and possibly avoid unconsistent cruise speeds?

Thank you for your attention and any advice to a complete noob / barefoot

Blue skies


Resource contributor

Generally when I create local service airline "bus stop" routes (i.e. multiple stops with short dwell times), I don't worry too much about the plane keeping time over the entire route. I usually give them a 5 minute stop at small airports (unless specified in the timetable), and have them arrive and depart at the time(s) specified in that timetable. When I load myself at a specific airport and watch them arrive, they are often a bit late (due to FS ATC delays when landing), or close to on time. After arrival they will wait for a few seconds (if late) or the specified dwell time if on time, then depart. This is realistic for small airports - they often spent almost no time on the ground.

Now if you sit at an airport for a long time and wait for a plane that is coming from another small airport (often within the 108 NM radius AI aircraft load into), then the plane will often be quite late, due to the extra taxi and ATC time, as compared to the early days. But the number of times this actually happens to me is very low - I've usually taken off and flown somewhere else by this time. So you can either make your planes fly faster to compensate, or just not worry about that, which is what I do.


Resource contributor
PS. I assume you are aware of my 1957 worldwide traffic package. I realize that it is not the early 50's and the planes are not P3D4 compatible, but there might be something there you could use. :)
Tom, thank you for your answers and suggestions. Yes, I know your site (I started with MSFS5...) which provided me with many useful information and various files, but I have never been going up to a worldwide traffic package. Anyway, I will have a look at your traffic file(s), and possibly return to my old projects...
I did work, and check for future work, on timetables of regional airlines, likes Allegheny, Bluegrass Airlines, Bonanza, Ozark, Frontier, Lake Central, Mohawk, Piedmont, Trans Texas Airways, Wisconsin Central, Chicago & Southern, etc... I still have the old spreadsheets to prepare the flight plans, but few came to real life into my sims, as many airports were to be altered to get one or more parking spots to accomodate DC-3's, my favourite aircraft. And some of the timetables were including transfers from one flight to an other flight at some local hubs, thus the relative importance to be able to have relevant aircrafts fetching the next flights.
But I must say that was a hell of work, but who knows, perhaps I could be crazy enough to go back to that work...
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Phil, just so you are aware, AI aircraft only "fly" at their defined cruise speed are controlled by aircraft.cfg and .air file parameters while being observed. However, don't confuse cruise speed with the apparent rate of flight along the route while not being observed. The latter will always be (ETA - ETD - 15 min.) / distance, which simply governs when the AI arrives at sequential sector boundaries.

Just specify desired ETA and ETD and let AIFP handle the rest.

Thank you for the information. Will keep this on hand when returning to my old timetables!
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