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MSFS Tunnel/Overpass Mesh Editing

Hi there, I'm no expert in mesh editing, and I mean at all.
How would one do precise mesh editing to create tunnels/overpasses like this one? Default MFS tools do not allow this level of precision and often produce jagged edges, falloff values do nothing.


Then using rectangles with heightmap, or a ·3DS/Blender object. I have not been able to find so perfect mesh stuff in MSFS. Probably someone else has found it. Anyways, it does not seem to exist a tunnel. Could you provide me with the ICAO for that airport please?
Yes what you did there looks like what I’m looking for, how are your edges so smooth?
Well, as I´ve shown you, using a Rectangle object, enabling the terraforming on it, giving it only 1 m falloff distance, and editing the heights at different points... it´s a cliff from 250m into the sea in just only 30m witdth, so.... a 90% of slope
Please, don´t forget to tell me the ICAO code of your airport, I would like to look at it carefully.
Let´s see if from here you see it clearer... each orange line, matches one profile height in the second picture.

This one makes it crystaline clear

And this last one, gives you the final aspect combining different rectangles... this is so far the best way I´ve found doing cliffs....
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My intended slopes are the ones used for underground railway tracks - like the ones at EGSS or EGLL, also EDDF has some. These are probably 10-20m in size.
My intended slopes are the ones used for underground railway tracks - like the ones at EGSS or EGLL, also EDDF has some. These are probably 10-20m in size.
Give it a go, you should be fine with this approach, you might need to adjust also the terrain surrounding the area you plan to dig.