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MSFS Unable to create packages

For several months, I have been creating airstrips for PNG, usually from forest/jungle settings etc with no issues using the msfs sdk v 8 and then v 9. However, since msfs updated both their flight sim and their SDK to v10, I have been unable to complete a project. I see the errors coming though the console, so further work is pointless.

Curiously, I can open a previous project, make changes to it, and rebuild with no issues?

My file structure is pretty basic.


I have yet to work out the so called output dir which seems a common error I am getting.

I have attached some pics of the 2 xml files and the console to provide some clues.


Hi. The latest release is very touchy on naming. Try this:
Name your package airport-icao-anyname
Also delete the folder _PackageInt which holds all references to timestamps and metadata
Output can be any instance under the project structure and appears under scenery in the package folder.

Also your contentinfo jpg is one folder to deep. Move the image directly into that folder and delete the gd-pngairport folder. This is actually what’s causing ALL your errors. The output directory scenery is fine and doesn’t need to exist at all. It’s created in the Package folder on compile.

if you like zip up the project and I can have a go at checking further for issues to help you
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Hi Philip, Thanks for the reply and great advice. I will re-attack the project tomorrow.
I wondered about the packageint info, and if used. I am all for removing parts not required, as they can end up tripping you up.

The contentinfo jpg is interesting. I see from the console I get all sorts of grief over this....One level too deep!! umm, now, I just go down the tree in the sdk sample until I get to the thumbnail, and double click it and it appears in the little box. So, can I simply pick the image up and drop it into the box..I will try.

OK, great help. If it all goes to you know what...I may seek your assistance via zip. So $%^& frustrating.

No problems. BYW the _packageint folder will get recreated when you recompile. It holds all references to previous edits. It’s a must to delete especially if you rename a file or folder.
Good luck
Here is my working project setup if that could be of any help.


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Here is my working project setup if that could be of any help.
Hi Denis, thanks for your reply. Your AssetPackage xml file and mine are very different. It looks like I need to better plan my sdk entries and determine what needs placing where. This hopefully, will reduce confusing the sdk.

I also need to become more consistent, and get a "must do this way" script working to ensure the entries are correct.
Just to close off this forum question.
I was greatly helped by 'Ironpot', who helped me with my folder structure and the correct completion of the 2 XML files. Mostly, it was my providing too much miss matching information when filling out info in the various SDK panels, and no doubt, resulting in error riddled xml files.
I can now create a project folder/xml structure that is repeatable with 0 console errors. You have to be consistent. :)
Having some bother myself. Added about 5 custom objects but one won't build although folder structure is ok but noticed the error 'Could not find the attached bounding box'
Any help is thankful.


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@CudgedaveUk It would appear that if some custom objects build ok and one will not, then something is different about that build object that fails. If there is one thing that @Ironpot taught me, be consistent. A slight deviation, can spell doom.
I did a quick scout about. Hopefully, others here who import objects may have come across this message before and worked out some causes. The first link here seemed to find a solution for their issue?

Cheers mate all fixed now there was an object that wasn't "Fitting" the bounding box so I scaled it a bit and now my model imports!