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P3D v4 Unable to select "ALL" in new development release

Maybe answered before but when I load up the latest aifp development release...when you click on substitute...at the top..you have the option of selecting aircraft from p3dv5 and also p3dv4...but the "all" is inaccessible.... I have a separate simobject folder on a separate drive just for personal bizjets, GA..etc so as not to overload p3d and I also use the AIG-OCI..so all this stays separate...how can I access the simobjects I need?

Thanks Don



Resource contributor
Ah!. You just moved the post, not deleted it.

The Show: All is a filter. It is not an additional source. You select the source in the top row, select AI and/or user aircraft in the second row and the types of AI and/or user aircraft to include in the list in then third.

Nothing has changed in AIFP for PV5. Any aircraft available to the selected Flightsim version is available to AIFP. Your question more properly is "How can I make those aircraft available to PV5?". Presumably, you do it the way it's always been done since FSX. Ensure the folders containing the desired aircraft are listed in simobjects.cfg.