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FS2004 User and AI Aircraft and runway problems!

Hello All,

So I am facing some issues with my VEGT airport scenery that I am recreating because I lost my previously created scenery file.

Since I have been out of touch for nearly two years, my skills, it appears, need some polishing :(

Please have a look at the capture below, which is the layout of the airport:


Below are the desired runway patterns(I HAD RUNWAYS WORKING PERFECTLY AS PER BELOW in the previous/lost scenery):


The landing runways(16, 10R) have ILS approaches as well. I have also implemented the crosswind runway technique for runway 16 and runways 10L, 10C, 10R.

The current status is however, that the ATC is directing both USER and AI AIRCRAFT to runway 16 for BOTH TAKEOFFs and LANDINGs. :eek: WHEN runway 16 is closed for takeoffs!!! And it is completely ignoring all the other runways!

That's mind-boggling! Why is the ATC directing me to runway 16 for takeoff even when my aircraft is at the gate nearest to 10L or 10C?!

I have attached the ad4 file of the airport and the BGL file. Please go through it and tell me what I am doing wrong.

What's certain is what I am trying to achieve is definitely achievable, as I had it up and running in the lost file.

Thanks in advance!!!


  • VEGT_ADE9_PM.ad4
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  • VEGT_ADE9_PM.bgl
    34 KB · Views: 426

I was able to get your runways to work. I set up the runways this way:



1. I set them up IN ORDER from high heading number to low. Ignoring the water runway, I started at 160 and went down to 100. I believe this is required for the X wind technique to work. To do this drag and drop the runways in this list until they are in the proper order. BTW, I could have listed them from 100 to 160, if this makes them work better in the sim.
2. I changed your runway 11 and runway 12 to runways 11R and 12R, since you already had 11L and 12L. I don't know if FS likes things like runways 11 (suggesting this is the only 11 runway) AND 11L. Just a precaution, and may not be needed.
3. In Raw Data View (using ProKey) I changed the X-wind runway's Crosswind property to True. This sets the value to True in the Cross Wind column above. I don't think this is required either, but makes it easier for me to see the logic (the 10 foot runways also do this).

I compiled and all runways were in use, according to ATIS.

Hope this helps,
Hello, Mr. Gibson, thanks for your time.

It didn't help.

But, I noticed something else. Despite arranging the runways as you had done, then clicking 'save' in the list layout, then 'Ctrl + S' saving the ADE project file, when I close the ADE program and reopen the ADE OR BGL files, the list gets sorted according to the ID number.

This is something I had also noticed when I was adding models(mdl files) to my project. Whenever I used to add models and then save my project, my models would vanish when I used to reopen it! But then I created a BGL library to avoid that issue. Why am I not being able to save it?

Right now, the runway list goes back to as it is in the capture below!


While I can tinker with runway IDs, the question is, why can I not lock the list as you had done? Also my mdl files used to get lost whenever I used to close the program even after saving! :eek:

Please unravel this mystery!
ADE saves the order for me. It seems to me that the AD4 file may not be saving correctly, perhaps due to an OS permissions issue.