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Website down time

The total number of on line members is actually quite low, so I don't see where the bandwidth problem lies. I just had unavailability for almost an hour just now. Something fishy going on.
If you click on the member stats you can see how many are robot or other users. At least as admin I can see.

In the past I have used statistics from Google to see more details about visitors, etc. Maybe I should set that up again to get a better idea.
Most likely people who read along without being logged in.
People who read along and aren't logged, aren't counted. What matters to the host is the number of page calls and that is how one performs a DNS attack, by requesting more responses than the server can handle and that is what I experience, trying to read an email notification.

I am locked out, with a page loading, for the better part of 5 minutes. This is not a queuing issue, it is an international server on the world wide web and 100 idlers is not some sort of standard maximum, it is the virtual equivalent of zero - and even if it wasn't - the argument for the service provider is that it is going to take 5 minutes to serve up a page to all those 100 other users, before I get to see my email notification.

In the 1970's I went to a prep school that had a timeshare account with the Lawrence Livermore mainframe. I'd go to the computer room to play Star Trek and Lunar Lander. Since it was timeshare, you'd have to perform an operation, make a move and then wait for everyone else on the timeshare circuit to submit their task, then the computer would dole out the results, lander crashed, Klingon hit, calculation failed and the cycle would repeat. I could watch the cursor blink as each input was accepted and this situation at FSDeveloper, is like that. Dial up timeshare waiting 5 minutes for some small combination of ascii characters response.

Also, this is some sort of asymmetrical throttling, because once I make it to the page, everything loads normally. I really can't believe it is because the number of page loads drops from 100 to 99. However, $170/year is pretty cheap for the level of representation this site gets. It does host files and these guys don't just link images, the keep a copy, so storage is not such an issue.

What about the possibility of leasing server space from someone in the industry that would want to support developers, like LM, or someone?
Hi Folks

PRE-SUBMISSION EDITED - Following posting in other threads.

All seemed to be ok late this afternoon.

I'd viewed the new posts, then opened multiple threads, each in its own tab.

I realised I hadn't logged in, so did so in one of the tabs.
Then selected a different tab, refreshed it so I was logged in,
and clicked reply, pasted my post, then previewed and corrected.
I then clicked submit, and the post displayed.
I closed that tab, clicked refresh on another tab, the forum had stopped responding.

When the forum eventually responded,
I deliberately replied to another thread.

Again the forum immediately stopped responding.

Is the non-responsive state initiated every time anyone submits a post ?

Important -
When the page does respond, the 'Latest Posts' sidebar
displays my listed post time,
as if it had been posted seconds before the page started responding again.

ORIGINAL POST - May be irrelevant in light of above -

Despite whenever there's an issue accessing the forum,
I've always found fsdeveloper.com root domain to be instantly accessible.

I see this,
as my browser is configured to block redirects,
until I click allow.

fsdeveloper.com is redirected to fsdeveloper.com/forum/
its that downstream /forum/ dependent aspect that's failing.

I've experienced fsdev timeouts of 45 minutes,
and not yet seen any error message, e.g. MySQL server has gone away,
so it might be a cacheing issue, is some form of memcache enabled ?

If you haven't done so already,
you could try disabling/rebuilding the cache, (if configured to use one),
or, if it uses MySQL, check your forum's sessions table.

The sessions table should only contain entries
for those currently on the website, (loggedin, guests, & bots),
plus those for whatever your config's timeout period is set at.

If your server has been falling over,
or database connectivity has been repeatedly lost,
previous sessions may not have been purged,
and the table or session cache could have grown.

Forums usually have an admin control panel
which allows you to purge all sessions.
Doing so will logout persons currently logged in.

The ACP might also have a purge cache option.

If the database is MyISAM, (NOT an InnoDB),
then also recommend optimizing all tables.

I note you don't have a robots.txt file.
Whenever I'd looked there'd only been a few bots online,
but no idea how aggressively they were indexing.
Might be worth temporarily disallowing all bots.


Yes, I had noticed already that the side is not down. The host also says a maximum number of processes is reached somewhere.

It's a good suggestion to check the databases and see if they need some cleaning. I'll do that when I'm back home.
Yes, I know. I have seen it as well.

I'm still talking to the hosting company. I'm a bit hesitating to just upgrade to a server that is 8 times the price without fully understanding what is the problem now.

What I have learned now is that the current server can handle 5 requests at the same time. So if more requests are made, these are queued. This is what we see with the slow responds. But I don't understand yet why this started to happen a few weeks ago, I don't think we got that many more visitors.
Yes, but it has been taking about an our to select a topic o_O

However, it is now working fine :rolleyes:
I also find it frustrating that it is so variable. Now it's working fine indeed, but I want to understand why.
It does seem odd that you get no clear explanation, yet they would love to charge 5 times more for acceptable service.
Well the explanation is that we generate too many requests. But if I monitor the site now the amount of requests per minute doesn't look that weird to me.
This afternoon I'll close the website for a short while, so that I can upgrade the forum software and the Tapatalk plugin to the latest version. Not sure if it is related to the slow response problem, but it would not hurt to update to the latest versions either.
Suddenly after the first of the month, the site loads in quite a fine fashion. So perhaps this is a monthly quota problem? or perhaps coincidence.
Let's not cheer to early, today it seems OK indeed. I'm not aware of quota we have, so I think it is coincidence. The problems also started more than 2 weeks ago, we were not near the end of the month at that time.
I have just finished upgrading the forum software, not sure if it helps for the downtime, but it should not hurt either :)

Could this be a request attack (such as multiple requests made by an individual or computer) to slow down or take down a site? Not sure about the exact naming of (the technical term), but that's how it appears or reacts to and the random times of. Since you are watching more closely, it might have deterred the individual.