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MSFS Weird right dragging tendency in helicopter


as this is my first post here, first of all thank you for all the insights and everybody who is contributing to that. It was really helpful digging through this forum and helped me a lot to sort out some previous bugs.
I am fine tuning a flight model of a medium size helicopter for MSFS. While i am making good progress to some parts of it, there are two things, that i can't get straight:

1. No matter what i do, the helicopter has got an aweful right dragging tendency when flying straight and level. It's like i have a slight right bank of 2° in it (which i don't have). In hover i'm hanging about 2° left skid low, which seems to be right (counter clockwise spinning rotor). All the TRQ and N1 settings are correct as per the flight manual envelope. The only way i could counter the right drag is to go with
static_bank_angle = 3
. If i do that, the helo flies straight and level but then doesn't hang left skid low anymore.

2. While all values are matching along different weights just perfect, i can't adjust the rate of climb. As per manual, it should have 74% TRQ HOGE. Max takeoff power is 95% Torque (all numbers at SEA level and ISA conditions). In the real helicopter if you'd pull from 74% TRQ to 95% TRQ vertially, it should have a rate of climb of around 500 - 600ft/min. In MSFS it's almost 2000ft/min. I tried every single value in the flight_model.cfg but without any luck.

Any help or hints are appriciated!
Thanks for your reply!

Yes and no. Dissimmetry of lift is taking affect in the aft section of the main rotor due to a 90° phase lag and is usually countered by blade flapping of the retreating blade.

But, your point leads to an idea. I've set blade flapping to very low due to some unwanted side effects. Maybe that's the reason for it. I will test and report back.

So thanks again for replying!