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MSFS Where are Houses and Tents possibly located in MSFS for adding to Scenery?

Hey all,

I have been learning how to place scenery and would like to know if we can place houses and tents into scenery? Some beautiful houses and hopefully tents.
There are many airport objects, but hardly any of the Autogen houses.

Many thanks.

Many thanks for the offer, Mike.
I was hoping maybe there were existing tents already made.

I wonder where the houses are, and if we can access such house libraries in the sim? I do not seem to find a way using the Asobo system.
I don't think the autogen houses are available as scenery objects, AFAIK they are procedurally generated based on the shape of the satellite image footprint by the Blackshark AI.
Starting a search with 'generic' will get you a bunch of apartment buildings, some of which are small enough to pretend to be houses. 'Lukla' is the only other term that'll throw up a reasonable choice but obviously they're a bit Nepalese. It might also be worth looking for anything with 'test' or 'template' in the name.

The near total lack of houses is pretty weird but I presume they presumed the autogen would be enough.

Definitely no stock tents.


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GenericBuildings are deprecated I believe, although the code still exits in bglcomp.xsd, so we are left with the business of making library objects.
Roger that. Many thanks, Dick.

The British Scenery (homes) have some amazing models. So well done.... Wish we could link into them.
search for bugalaga or loon lake for some cabins/run down cabins. Bugalaga also has a grass hut. No tents at all, though you can repurpose a few models to make them look like tents by changing their size and/or mashing them together to look like something unique resembeling a tent.
Many of the Asobo items are available for scenery designers.
If you look at the website called flightsim.to, a member there has catalogued every object in the vast array with an mage and a name. You can search for in the scenery editor. The files are called MSFS Airport Asset GuideV2.0 A-F.pdf, he also has pdf files through F - R and S -Z.

Hope that helps.


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A bit different than the FSX buildings
Well, I am still waiting for the day when we will be able to tune the procedural buildings (height and facades textures).