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MSFS WWISE Prop sound drops out at high rpm

Heya fellows,
I just started making the wwise sounds for my current aircraft project and I'm running into a strange issue that I'm unable to track down. Not sure either wether this is caused by some accidently applied edit or if it's an SU14 bug, so before I'm going to pester the poor overworked fellows over at DEVSUPPORT I thought I'd ask here.

I'm using the simple aircraft sample as a copy and paste starting point.
So far 've just replaced the stock combustion and prop sounds with my own, no further edits so far worth mentioning to the wwise configuration and the sound.xml other than adjusting the loops to my requirements.
Now when I check in game, the prop sound stops playing at full throttle a couple of seconds after making the transition from the next lowest to the highest rpm sound. The variable also disappears from the wwise profiler.
The sound returns when I throttle down and drops off again some seconds after applying full throttle. Note the combustion keeps playing just fine, it's only the prop portion of the mix that doesn't want to play ball.
I looked at the RTPC curves but don't see anything out of the ordinary.
Any ideas? User error or SU14 bug?
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Ok guys, I'm man enough to share my embarrassment with you:
I just forgot to tick the "Loop" checkbox in the wave file's general settings.🐴 :banghead: