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Just to say/reiterate I am with you all the way re the latest. Interesting that Dick locks the thread and then keeps posting, without givIng the chance of rejoinder.
Cheers, Manfred -- the 134 looks great!
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Hi! There is nothing I can do about it, now I will just try to protect my models in all formats so that they cannot be opened. How much it will delay my work on the model and push the release date is now even scary. Although I could devote this time to models and devices.
They all want to teach the younger generation of developers how to steal other people's ideas and projects and do not understand that they are doing a disservice to them. I know how it will turn out later for everyone, and this is very sad.
Hi Butterfly.

I fly the Danish Mushshak T-17 and hope a new glass cockpit will come sun, but I can see on the picture you have Autopilot and Navigation in yours T-17, hoew did you maike it, can you please help me so I can use the same

Best regards

Kurt Jensen
Hi how are you ? have you made the MSFS scenery creator software? if yes, is somewhere for download or for sale ? Thank you
Hi, I would be interested in seeing how your ships react to my system! (especially FPS and any issues that might occur in VR)

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FSX Steam Edition Error

Hi everyone! When I open the flight lessons for the fsx Steam edition the following message appears: This Flight you are trying to load is missing its associated script file. The flight will be loaded without the script. Please help me.


  • FSX Steam Edition Error.jpg
    FSX Steam Edition Error.jpg
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Raz from Gaya here.
We are looking to recruit P3D scenery developer. Saw your post. Ping me back.

Hello Lucky.
Just a preliminary question: are you Italian, by chance?
Then, can you tell me if there is a tutorial (not a video necessarily) about the design of new, little MSFS sceneries, with Google Earth Decoder and Blender, plz?

Ciao & grazie

Franco Fabiani
I hope that you can work with them. It is not so difficult and complicated, how it may look. I usually create small sceneries of city centers (centro storico) or even single buildings of places, which I know. I love the Lago di Garda region and I'm finishing at the moment a collection of more than 10 places, which we visited two years ago.
As I don't like the ugly google trees, I work with Blender and try to get rid of them. The trees, which I can cut out, I try to cover with vegetation and trees in the SDK. The major challenge in the SDK is to adjust the level of the groud, because Google and Bing (original MSFS) don't fit together. Here I use terraforming. This needs training. You will see, that the results will become better with each project.
I made all places twice.

Which places do you want to create?

I wish you good luck.

P.S.: My name is Italian because of my Italian father. I was born in Germany and unfortunately my Italian language skills aren't good.
Hi. I’ve built from scratch and included ILS with no issues. If you like can you zip your complete project and send it to me so I can take a look? It will remain between us.
You can check out some of my projects at

Hello Andy, you are the first person that has created an app to add scenery objects to a msfs 2020 scenery. I would love to get the link to the download. I am not sure if you are still testing but I would like to try it.

I just downloaded the "latest version of ModelconverterX, but it crashes on certain model files.
Fw190D9m1.MDL crashes (Classics_Hangar_Fw190D-9)

pby5_mil_Vingtor_ext.MDL crashed both in FSX-se and P3Dv5.1, latest hotfix (Aerosoft_PBY-5_Mil)

default FSX Airbus_A321.MDL is OK

Am I doing something wrong or..




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Dit is een stap in de goede richting, maar de objectrenderer genereert nog erg veel fouten, zie screenshot.


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Dit gebeurt ook bij de payware (fs190d) die nu dus niet meer crashed
Die melding is wat vaag, maar ik denk dat er teveel bones zijn in het model. Ik zal kijken of dat aantal met de recente aanpassingen is veranderd.
Hey jay...I have got delta/ual/swa/fft loaded in msfs and they show up and taxii but willie nillie on takeoff's and kinda everywhere.. Any luck with you?

Bestest and Be Safe!!

Ciao, vedo che anche tu sei italiano e vorresti creare mesh come me.
Quale territorio vorresti fare? Che zona hai a 12.5 metri?
Ciao ;)
Ciao Nonno Arzillo (Christian),
vorrei, quando finalmente ci capirò qualcosa, creare il terrain mesh per MSFS2020. Accetto volentieri l'invito.
Per FSX/P3D c'è già abbastanza. Avsim Bavarello

Ciao :cool: