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hi arno, im a guy from spain, having few problems to convert fsx ai model planes to gITF. i have used MCX and make the conversion. after that i can see it generates 3 files: xml, bin, 3dobjcts.
sorry, could you help me just a little bit? i really appreciate your help. its 15 years updating traffic airliners (6000 repaints), and now they dont work or rash MSFS. it only accepts 13.
(fsxpai mdl works better)

A model for MSFS contains for multiple files. Each level of detail consists of a separate glTF model. And each glTF file has a .BIN and a .GLTF file (these two together form the glTF model). The XML files defines that all these different models belong to the same model and can also specify other details like animations and such.
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than you very much. you are very kind! im going to try stpe by step, but it makes me happy understanding it as you have explained!:)
thanks from spain
Hi, I understand you are very clever when it comes to understand the panel cfg and aircraft cfg in the MSFS ver. SU5 / I am trying to import an aircraft and externally it look OK but the cockpit is crap- would you be interested to provide som help here?


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Hi Arno,
I'm trying to bring old FSX AI models to the new MSFS environment and tried to convert them using the good tool ModelConverX.
Unfortunately I found that by importing an MDL and exporting it to GLTF the animations are not exported and resulted model imported in FS2020 is not showed.
Is there any other way that can allow you to transform old MDLs into GLTF without violating authors' rights?
something is missing and i dont know why: i can hear the turbines taxiing in front of me of my converted model a359, but i cant see it.

what could i be missing?
thanks again!
I have no idea, I am not an aircraft developer myself. Maybe you better ask it in the forum where you will find more developers who might be able to help you.
oh, ok, thank you very much!:)
Where do you find the default FSX modeldef?
Hiroshi Igami
If you install FSX SDK
It's in the folder of the SDK
If a default install should be

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Modeling SDK\bin\modeldef.xml"
Hey on that code did you just change the name to bomb doors are that whole line?
Pretty sure I just copied the existing code, changed the names to bomb_doors, and gave it a new GUID. And changed the Lag value, which was the reason for doing it at all.

You posted a topic about gizmo issue in your aircraft editor. I have the exact same problem. Did you solve it?

hello there Senchay you saying that is the wonderful tool , how do you make it work, is because I have installed correctly in blender but it does not export at all doyou have the same Problem , or do you mind direct me to what I might be doing wrong
Yes MSFS export tool, do you know about it Yes or No
There is nothing to do normally. You install it to blender and then you have to activate it. So after install check the checkbox from the addon in the addon list.
That's all.
Is been activated, I also check all the necessary box on the options before exported and it does not export, all it does is the xml file but there is no model exported
How do you do it becasause is not working with me.
Hello again!
Wanted to let you know that after 4 or 5 hours digging into why my modified aircraft textures wouldn't work, I finally figured out it was a simple filename error on my texture files. Ugh! I hate it when I do something stupid.
Anyway, sorry to bother you.
Hello Flying's Cool!
I'm trying to modify existing MSFS aircraft textures with GIMP but not having any success. I saw a post back in Feb 2021 where you mentioned success exporting DDS from GIMP using RGB10A2 format. What compression type did you use? Appreciate any suggestions you have.
Thank you toprob but the link does not really help when there is no example listed on what to put there, under asset group and asset file, No clue.
I also use P3D v5 While I can make photoreal scenery, water, and autogen pretty easily, I haven't figured out how to do the ground poly. Where did you learn?
Sounds easy enough, thanks!

What software do you use to make it before importing into MCX?
I use Blender with the "Blender2FSX/P3D" Addon.

Awesome, thanks!
Hi John

Had a PC crash whilst working on one of my projects. Thereafter ADE will not start and presents an error message.

Any idea what this might be and can it be fixed without losing my airports models etc. All help appreciated.

Here is a screen of the error.


Thanks in advance. Doug
It may be a damaged project file. Sadly they cannot be repaired. I am sure you maintain regular backups. The other thing to try is to go to the version folder inside ADE for the version you are working with (FSX, P3D etc) and delete a file called thumbnail.idx. Then try again
Hi Jon

Thanks for the reply, I did what you said and deleted the thumbnail.idx and its .bak file and all works fine again. Fortunately I had made a save shortly before the crash so only very minimum to put back into the project, three static aircraft. Thanks very much for your help and the great package you have in ADE. Hope you and your family are all safe from covid.

All the best.

Am I able to add you on some sort of im? possibly facebook messenger?
or if you could just help me with this..

So the model is mostly converted, I am having a hard time getting the engine fans to work properly, also, I have no lights, didnt notice that until right now. Are you able to help me with this?
Were you able to look at this?
I doubt I can help with specific aircraft modelling bits, I am not an aircraft modeller myself, I mainly understand the MDL file format :)
Please could you change my year of birth to 1941. The day and month are correct.
OK, I have changed it.