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The inclusion of Missions in FSX adds a new facet to the simulation, adding task oriented goals, and encouraging users to fly worldwide, rather than just from their home field.

Although a similar concept was available in previous versions, the new implementation of multipath & event oriented situations substantially extends the potential for user interaction.

Pilots earn Rewards for completing various missions, and reaching specific accomplishments throughout the game, (in 'Free Flight').

Mission Creation

Mission Creation - How to create missions, a supplement to the SDK.

Pages relevant to mission creation for MSFS.

Mission structure

Weather definitions
Flight file
Mission script
AirportLandingTrigger & AreaLandingTrigger · CounterTrigger · PropertyTrigger · ProximityTrigger · TimerTrigger
ObjectActivationAction · DialogAction · AdjustPayloadAction · ChangeAssistanceItemAction · FadeToColorAction · RandomAction · RequestTeleportAction · CountAction · ResetTimerAction · TimerAdjustAction · GoalResolutionAction & SubGoalResolutionAction · GrantRewardAction · PointOfInterestActivationAction · ActivateWaypointsAction · AITakeControlsAction · SendMessageToAIAction
Mission objects
Mission definition · Goal · LivingWorldExclusion · Camera
Flow states
Rectangle Area · Cylinder Area · Polygon Area · Corridor Area · InGameMarker
Library objects
Sim objects

Mission tools

MSFS Script Editor · BushTripInjector · BushMissionGen · MSFSLocalizer · SPB2XML · Little Navmap


Example mission files
Porting FSX Missions to MSFS
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Missions Forum - For questions not addressed in these Wiki articles. Review, ask, and discuss, these related matters, (Default - Opens in same window).

Available Missions

Available Missions, (data included for citing code examples).

FSX Missions

FSX Default Missions - Missions available with MS FSX Standard, Deluxe, & Acceleration RTM packages.

3rd Party Missions

3rd Party Missions - Created by 3rd parties

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