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Recent content by clements

  1. clements

    Best way to create ground polygons for MSFS

    @peacefarm, those are beautiful aprons. Can I ask how you achieved the variations on your taxiways and runways? Obviously, you have a separate texture (or colorization) for the dark asphalt border versus the lighter asphalt taxiway. Is the variation within the dark or light asphalt as well as...
  2. clements

    MSFS SimObjects not showing up in MSFS with SDK 0.14.x

    For what it's worth, it seems like I was experiencing a couple of issues. First, my installation was bad. I uninstalled and reinstalled the SDK and things began working again. Second, as the SDK has evolved, it is changing its default folders for various assets groups...as I am sure you have...
  3. clements

    MSFS SimObjects not showing up in MSFS with SDK 0.14.x

    Is anybody else having issues with SimObjects with the new version of the SDK? I feel like I am losing my mind. I have previously created a number of SimObjects (flags, windsocks and a rotating beacon) but they do not show up in the sim when compiled with the new SDK. I have not changed any code...
  4. clements

    MSFS Color Matching aerial imagery in MSFS

    @rhumbaflappy, quick question. After I color-correct my image in Photoshop and resave as a TIF, MSFS Toolkit tells me that it does not support ungeoreferenced images. What is the trick to saving the edited file so that it is georeferenced?
  5. clements

    MSFS How to fix the default aerial overriding custom aerial?

    I have been experimenting with aerials and CGLs. With one airport, the default aerial imagery is overriding the custom aerial. Does anybody know how to fix this? You can see the issue in the image below. The left side shows a yellow polygon in Google Earth that represents the area of my custom...
  6. clements

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    A quick note, it looks like the path to the OSGeo4W installer has changed. I believe you need to update the bat file to include a URL to https://download.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/osgeo4w-setup-v2.exe.
  7. clements

    MSFS Blender2MSFS Limitation? Color Multipliers

    @fabs79, I use it with 2.93 and have with previous 2.90 releases without a problem.
  8. clements

    SDK Hires Ground textures in MSFS

    @Dimus, what do you mean by "...texture resolution settings should be set above 100 in the settings..."? Where are these settings?
  9. clements

    MSFS Blender cloth simulation baked to bones

    @RomanDesign, just looking at it in blender, I'd apply all transformations (CTRL-A) to the Armature. It's x rotation is 90 degrees and its scale is 0.100 on all axes. I suspect this is the main issue.
  10. clements

    MSFS Blender cloth simulation baked to bones

    @trfsd, here is a link for both a Blender file and a SimObject. A few notes about this file: This is a SimObject, not a scenery object. To place in MSFS, copy the folder under PackageSources to your project's PackageSources and then add a SimObject Asset Group to your project. The OutputDir...
  11. clements

    MSFS Blender cloth simulation baked to bones

    Good news. I have fixed your flag, @karlo922. See the attached. I added a second NLA animation called Default_State and exported with the "Do channels contribute to the result" checkbox checked for the Default_State animation (it does not hurt to have the checkbox check for other animations...
  12. clements

    MSFS Blender cloth simulation baked to bones

    To fix the distortion with animations, check the "Do channels contribute to result" checkbox for each animation in the NLA Editor (circled in the screenshot below) before you export to gltf. This simple checkbox seems to solve the problem and result in great looking animations in MSFS.
  13. clements

    MSFS glTF-Blender-IO-MSFS / import export Addon

    To fix the texture problem: uncheck Emulate Asobo Optimization under the Flight Simulator section. This will export materials correctly. As for what's the difference between the two utilities: The most obvious difference between the Blender2MSFS and Blender-IO-MSFS is that you can import...
  14. clements

    MSFS glTF-Blender-IO-MSFS / import export Addon

    I have been using this addon for a few days. It takes some getting used to if you've been using Blender2MSFS but I find it to be pretty darn good. Working with Materials is a little different butI have find the implementation powerful and more complete. The ability to import MSFS gtlf files is...
  15. clements

    MSFS Blender cloth simulation baked to bones

    Ooh, I did not realize that they had one! Downloading now!