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3d model

  1. M

    MSFS PAID - Looking for a 3D Modeler & Texture Artist for MSFS Sceneries

    Looking for a 3D modeler and texture artist to join our scenery team. If interested, please reply below/PM me. PAID position
  2. =Hollywood=

    MSFS Repaint Advice - Curved Nose & Best Method

    So I've been doing the repaint for the JustFlight PA-38 for VH-TLA, VH-FTI and VH-UAL and as modeling and paint has advanced far from the days of FS98, I'm wondering if there's a way or a tool that will allow me to paint on an MSFS 3D model or GLTF. This first shot, I need to be able to paint...
  3. S

    MSFS Looking for paid 3D modellers for our scenery team.

    We are looking for 3D modellers to join our team and work on payware products for MSFS. Please reply below if you are willing to help us out.
  4. B

    Object imported appears as a tiny invisible cube

    Recently I imported an object from Sketchup to MSFS 2020, but the problem is that when I add it into the scenery, it appears as an extremely tiny tilted cube (see image below). I've minimized the drawcalls in Model Converter X, and also made sure that I got the 3 necessary files (.bin, .xml and...
  5. danielhype

    3d exported Black

    Hello guys, i'm making a scenery for Microsoft Flight simulator, well, i exported all the 3d models, and 1 of these come with somenthing strange, all black, but only in one material, i tried everything and don't solve the problem, in the MSFS sdk it's black, but in Blender it's normal, with...

    MSFS doesn't render my model

    Hi I've been trying to spawn a simobject in the sim but MSFS doesn't render the model I've tried various tools with no success, MCX, Blender2MSFS.... MCX can read my models and other developers' models very well, but the export doesn't render in the sim, @arno any Idea ? I have been trying to...
  7. V

    ngons vs quads when modelling for MSFS 2020

    Hello all members! Need your help in clarification of the topic subject. Currently in development of the aircraft for MSFS 2020, and in process of modelling cockpit interior. How do You approach hard surface modelling for MSFS 2020? Do You much care of quads? Or is it just enough to use...
  8. S

    Is substance painter worth it for scenery design?

    I am trying to learn substannce painter and I am just starting to understand the basics. However it seems like there are only tutorials for assets such as a wood box, a medieval house or some scifi spaceship. After watching these kind of tutorials and then loading my unwrapped terminal 3d model...
  9. TrophiHunter

    MSFS 3d OBJ planes to make Liveries (Request)

    Since I use substance painter I could make very high quality liveries for any aircraft. I just need a source of the planes with intact uvs/materials setup. Also could someone make a tutorial on making A livery for a air craft please.