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  1. C

    Reading BGL files

    Hi, I'm trying to read BGL files in .NET, following the documentation at https://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php/BGL_File_Format#:~:text=A%20BGL%20file%20is%20made,dependent%20on%20the%20section%20type. Using P3Dv5 as a test, and for consistency I am reading the same(?) BGL file as used in...
  2. F

    How does one go about editing a BGL file.

    Hello everyone. I have about 20 or so airports that I forgot I even own because they don't have the yellow star in the world map. After doing some digging I downloaded ADE to change the star value. ADE made a new package that I place in my community folder and it shows the star on the world map...
  3. Misho

    MSFS Converting P3D 3D structures (bgl) to MSFS2020 using MCX - textures are a no-show

    Hi everyone, I am trying a direct conversion of a P3D object (bgl) into MSFS2020 using MCX. Everything went fine, except the textures are not showing up in MSFS2020. Here is what I did: I converted a large object (a hangar) I designed for P3D into MSFS2020 project using MCX (latest version). I...
  4. TheCaptain3618

    How to create a scenery with ships in P3Dv4?

    I've been wondering how do I spawn ships in P3Dv4? How could I create a scenery containing ships for P3Dv4?
  5. TulparSim

    MSFS Can't open BGL file of a scenery, exception thrown

    Hello, I'm trying to open a BGL file in ADE F20 (M) v20.22.8157 Alpha and when I do Create Project from MSFS BGL, I get constant erros. Here are the errors: The error log is: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at System.String.get_Chars(Int32...
  6. B

    MSFS How to edit a BGL scenery

    Hello, so I was trying to edit a scenery in BGL format to remove a couple of buildings from it, but I don't know where to start. I don't have any XML file or anything from it. All I have are 3 BGL files, and a texture folder. Any advice will be appreciated ^^
  7. K

    how to remove objects from a .bgl

    Hey folks ! I want to remove a few unwanted buildings that come with an airport scenery, does anyone know how I can remove them and recompile the .bgl ? can I use msfs 2020 SDK or ADE F20 ?
  8. unc1rlm

    MSFS BGL help

    I have MSFS.. I was wanting to get the McCarran terminal (Janet Terminal) (Just the terminal bldg object) I used it in FSX but I have no clue how to get it out of FSX/ADE: I really wanted to use it in my airport :) I got the info from here: http://lc0277.gratisim.fr/sceneobjects/alpham.html...
  9. K

    MSFS BGL asset groups

    Hi everyone, first of all, thanks for approving my account so quickly! I'm glad to have found this forum :) So – during the last week or two I've been learning about the MSFS SDK. I had to start from scratch but managed to import custom aerial imagery and create a runway at a small airport...
  10. V

    Modify Default Parking spots (Change heading, Delete or Add)

    Is there a way to modify the default parking spots. There are some airports where I would like to change the heading of some of the existing spots, as well as delete extra ones, and add some to other airports.
  11. BASys


    Hi Folks Arno - My apologies for not having raised these issues previously. I only investigated properly after loading an unrelated BGL yesterday where I'd observed a totally unexpected model HEADING MCX - Development version - 01/08/2020 For a BGL containing multiple objects - MCX -...
  12. J

    Is it possible to Export OBJECT files from BGL Formatted

    Hello. I want to export some scenery objects which have been converted to BGL format already, to further inspect them in other programs (sketchup, blender, etc.). Is there a possibility to "recover" the already formatted files? I don't even have FSX and I don't know a lot about it. Can...
  13. E

    FSX Navigation Database Update

    Hello experts, I have already posted this question in the gauge forum, and I was suggested to post this question here because some BGL experts may help me finding the solution to my problem. Here is the original message : As some of you know, I release EasyFMC some years ago, a universal FMC...
  14. A

    P3D v3 Resample Problem

    Hello Dear Community I'm currently working on HKKI (Kisumu,Kenya). It's my first project. At the Moment i'm a bit stuck. When i try to Compile my Blendmask (BMP) and my photoreal background with alpha channel for water (BMP) it's only compiling one of them. resample.exe gives me following error...
  15. 4YouToFly

    Terrain doesn't match Photoreal

    Hey Guys, I'm making a photoreal for Dauphin Island, but after placing the Blendmask, the terrain is not matching with the aerial image. How can I solve it? Thanks a lot!
  16. Rotornut44

    Overlapping imagery tiles in a single BGL?

    I have downloaded some high resolution imagery tiles from USGS for an island. This island runs from SW to NE, so the imagery within the tiles isn't perfectly square. (Cut into wedges and overlayed to make a clean fit) This means, when I combine these 90 something odd tiles into just 7 images...