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  1. R

    P3D v5 ground polygons bugged

    Hi Guys! So I have been trying to get an ground polygon into the sim (P3D V5). But as you can see. It is bugged into the ground. So far what I tried: Slicen the polygons into little square (Did not fix it) Splits up the polygons in different files (Did not fix it) Tried using different...
  2. S

    MSFS Replacing Photogrammetry Aerial Tile with a new Ortho one - Is this possible?

    Can an Aerial Ortho tile replace a Photogrammetry one? If you travel to Hobart Tasmania Australia and head over to the City the City is very bright on one side and very dark on the half of the city next to the river! I have recreated all of Hobart with Ortho Tiles which look awesome, my tiles...
  3. chudobadesign

    Do you need to buy ortho for payware sceneries?

    Hello, as a developer, do you need some special license for orthophoto for your payware scenery or can be used one from the Ortho4XP? Have a great day! Filip
  4. MatthiasKNU

    PSCreator ALPHA 2.000e

    This is a ALPHA VERSION This tool creates photoscenery BGLs from Imagery, which has been downloaded with Ortho4XP for P3D. The tool creates the blend- and watermask, based on shapefiles and resamples. Furthermore, it is able to create 5 seasons (winter, hardwinter (snow), spring, summer and...
  5. Christian Bahr

    Bavaria - Lake Constance scenery in development

    X-Plane 11 Lake Constance. Infinite widths. We are writing the year 2017 ... and get a nice Lake Constance scenery for the X-Plane. By "we" we mean the X-Plane user. Agi, known for some very good and high-quality conversions for the X-Plane, is currently building a Lake Constance scenery in...
  6. peacefarm

    Ortho + Autogen

    Hello everyone, I'm curious as to if there is a way to add auto-gen to ortho scenery? I'm looking to cover large areas using SbuilderX. Currently using P3D v3.4 with Orbx Global, Vector, LC. It would truly be wonderful if I could substitute the Orbx ground textures with ortho, but leave the...
  7. Scarebus10101

    P3D v3 How to make a Photo real Town?

    Hey Guys! Once again im am starting with new scenery after finshing my first one which can downlaoded here if you wish to ;) : http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fsx-scenarii-83/scenariy-aeroporta-gomel-umgg-fsx-p3dv3-60020.html Anyways to get into the point Im trying to make a small town in Belarus...