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  1. N

    MSFS2020 -Aircrafts change from country when I set ""HEADING_BUG_SET"

    I tried for now two aircrafts (Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000 and Carenado PA44 Seminole ) and the result is the same. My c# code taken from example at WWW: sim.AddToDataDefinition(DEFINITIONS.Struct2, "HEADING_BUG_SET", "degrees", SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE.FLOAT64, 0.0f...
  2. C


    Hey! I am new to MSFS 2020 SimConnect development. I am using C++ to communicate with the SDK server. So far, I am able to read several variables (RPM, altitude, vertical speed, among others). The next step is trying to set the variables of the different controls: throttle, mixture, yoke...
  3. B

    MSFS Ground services missing event IDs

    Hello, I cannot find the event ID for the Ground power unit, Baggage and Catering cars. Can some one help me out which event id and event names these ground services uses? I am thankful for any help!
  4. B

    MSFS Pushback Tug connect and wait issue.

    Hello, The pushback tug is really a tricky one. I am trying to simulate a tug connect and wait scenario but unfortunately the tug starts with the pushback as soon as it is connected. I have also tried to set the tug speed to zero but that doesnt stops the tug from pushing! Can some one help me...
  5. C

    MSFS Event ID's for G1000 and autopilot

    Hello. I'm making a utility in VS2019 C# that shows a flat Garmin G1000 panel on a tablet, which interfaces to a SimConnect client on the computer running FS2020. Idea is to have a solution for the finicky controls trying to click and turn the knobs while flying which is a bit of a PITA. First...
  6. Bert Laverman

    New SimConnect API for C#

    [If the below feels like I am a "Grumpy old man" then please humor me. 57 years and developing since before the 8086 and 8088 came around should entitle me to that. I still have the TRS-80 version of Flight Simulator somewhere, if the floppy is still readable] I am a reasonably experienced...
  7. Quazzy

    (fixed) c++ simconnect overriding sim provided simvars

    Attempting to set RECIP ENG MANIFOLD PRESSURE:1 , but it simply is not setting, even though the debug cout<< is running I can see that the SimConnect_SetDataOnSimObject function is working, so the problem has to be from another part of the code no? If someone can help me find the issue that...
  8. rpmc

    P3D v4 SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft, ITrafficInfo:Filter and SLEEP state

    Hello, How does one create an AI simobject in the AWAKE state vs in the SLEEP state? I am working with some code that successfully creates a simobject using the SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft function but it appears to create it in a SLEEP state. This simobject is a missile, not an aircraft...
  9. H

    FGCom-mumble radio sim via SimConnect

    Hello everybody, before asking my question, please let me introduce my topic a little. The upcoming release of the mumble 1.4.0 VOIP software will (most probably) include a new plugin-framework. I developed such a plugin featuring simulation of radio comms. In essence it allows everyone to...
  10. M

    MSFS CJ4 - N1% Throttle Position / Amount

    Currently, I am using the "GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:1" variable to get the amount of throttle being used in the CJ4 but the SimConnect values are different than what is displayed in the cockpit. The CJ4 is showing 77.1 in the cockpit (Working-Title-Mod) and the value I am getting...
  11. ecaport

    MSFS SimConnect and variable SIMULATION RATE

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask some of you who program, if it is possible to show the simulation speed variable, SIMULATION RATE, through a number that appears on a form outside the simulator scene, a line of text on a small form that can be launched at will and that connects to the MSFS2020. I...
  12. Quazzy

    Setting engine parameters in simConnect

    After doing some research on how to set recip. manifold pressure, I came across someone saying that setting engine parameters couldn't be done because the sim will continuously try to set its own...
  13. H

    MSFS Find My Plane open API

    By way of introduction I'm quite new to this forum, but looking forward to getting involved. I am a contributor to the Python-SimConnect library and the developer of MSFS2020 Cockpit Companion. I posted earlier in the general forum about my new project called Find My Plane, but I thought I...
  14. F

    MSFS Need help with SimVars in MFS2020

    Hello. I've been developing software that needs to track the plane data from the sim, and I've been having some issues getting the correct values for the SimVars from the sim. My program is in C++ (though I mainly do C-styled coding because it's all I really know. I haven't been able to find...
  15. G

    P3D v4 Is it possible to read SimConnect Variables from First Officer?

    Hello, as the question in the title... I have read from an Thrid Party Add-On the QNH with the Variable "KOHLSMAN SETTING MB". This works for the Captains pfd. But how can I read the F/O QNH? I have tried it with "KOHLSMAN SETTING MB:1". And also with 2, 3 and 4... But nothing worked. Any...
  16. Quazzy

    Setting simVars C++

    Having troubles finding how to set simVars that are not in the EVENT_ID'S (http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv3/LearningCenter/utilities/variables/event_ids.html). I am wanting to set the "RECIP ENG MANIFOLD PRESSURE:1" which is classified as settable in the simVars documentation...
  17. M

    XCockpit - beta release

    Hello everybody! I am working on a tool to display FS2020 cockpit instruments on a second screen or even second pc via network. I started this project a few years ago for XPlane but now i switched it to the new Microsoft FlightSim. The first beta release is available from the microsoft store...
  18. Quazzy

    Constantly update console using c++ (msfs2020 SimConnect)

    I'm trying to constantly update the console number related to altitude. At the moment its a static number, and does not update while the plane is gaining, or loosing altitude. There is a comment near the bottom of the text referring to the prinf() that im using to send it to console(not sure...
  19. Torealise

    MSFS Camera position

    Is it possible to set a camera (for example drone camera or even developer mode camera) to a specific place using coordinates? Or just to save (remember) existing camera position? My goal is to have ability to open MSFS2020 and look at some specific POI (for example, Empire State Building)...
  20. S

    MSFS FS2020 with arduino

    Hello: I´m developing a interface between Simconnect and Arduino. In the arduino there are the pilot panel with intruments flight controls like in G1000 GPS Anybody know if the G1000 events are working in Simconnet with FS2020? I´m trying to send this commands but i don´t have any response...