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AIFP Scruffy Duck Problem

Take a look at the enclosed screen shot. Is this just me? I suspect there are other AIFP users out there.

Thank You


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Sorry but AIFP is not one of my tools. The author of this tool passed away earlier this year and his website stuff4fs.com has gone off line. The program seems to be looking for stuff4fs.com I don't know if there is any way around this.
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I just happened to see this on one of my recent (and all-too-infrequent) scans of the FSDev forums.

FSDev friend to Jon Masterson, Don Grovestine and others, Martin Gossmann ...created an archive for some / all of Stuff4FS utilities here:


AIFP continues to be downloadable via the new (currently working) URL above.

Perhaps some knowledgeable end user with requisite skills may find a way to accommodate or work around this feature in Don's AIFP ? :scratchch

As nobody has access to Don's source code, I see no way to change all of his tools (just for a "peanut").
Any thankful user of Don's tools should be able and willing to change this tiny piece in an ini. file

Just my humbly opinion :)
Hi Guenther:

I believe we may all be thankful for your post linked above, that toggles options off by directly editing the *.INI file. ;)

As for my own idea, since AIFP does not use the Registry, I had in mind a batch file that might be used at AIFP startup, not a 'hack'.

As the AIFP PDF explains, there are actually multiple options that one may configure relative to updates via the AIFP GUI.

And as there will be no further updated versions of AIFP, toggling any such options via the AIFP GUI is no longer pertinent

I believe an explanatory batch file that runs from the AIFP folder chain if updates are in any way enabled by an end user of AIFP, might help end users better comprehend that there are no longer any update options, and they need not study the more complex explanation in the PDF file:

"Updates - AI Flight Planner can check for updates each time it is started. If an update is
available, you are asked if you wish to download it. The archive (.zip) file containing the
update will be saved to your AIFP folder.

Using Options / Check for Updates at Startup, you may specify that AIFP check only for
general releases, general and development (beta) releases or no check at all. If you
specify no update checking and you later click these menu item - re-enabling checking
for updates at startup - AI Flight Planner immediately looks for an update.

You may also check for updates at any time without re-enabling checking at startup
using the Help / Check for Update function.

For security reasons, a new version will not automatically install itself. To install the
update, simply close AI Flight Planner (if running) and unzip the new archive to the same
folder, overwriting the earlier version."

I suppose one might otherwise put an explanatory ReadMe file in with the AIFP download package, but one must consider that most such files are never actually read by end users unless they are forced to scroll through them to finish a semi-automated installer routine. :laughing:

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