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MSFS Airport code

An airport in my area was private for a long time, but it became public a few months ago. In MSFS2020, the airport exists but with two codes - the old one and the new one. The parking spots are correct in the private airport version, but there are no spots in the public version. For context, the old airport code was 31WI and the new code is W11. Is there a way that I can change the code from 31WI to W11, and just delete the W11 that MSFS has? In the World Map, the airports are on top of each other. Any help you can you can provide is appreciated.

Kevin Davis


Resource contributor
There is actually a tutorial in the SDK covering this exact procedure. You're going to want to futz it a bit, because the airport you want to select to replace, will be the private version with all the details that get imported to your Scenery Editor, but then you want to make sure you've edited the replacement ICAO to reflect the public airport and finally, you'll want to exclude two airports, not just one.



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Load your W11 project into DevMode, and add an Exclusion Rectangle of type excludeAirports. That command nukes any underlying airport enclosed by the rectangle. It will only display properly when the compiled package is added to the Community.
Jon never added that exclude rectangle type to ADE. Some things just need to be done in DevMode, as Asobo changes the rules on us.

You could report the "bug" about 31wi being the wrong ID here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/bugs/airports/203
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