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An Idea For MCX?

Hi Arno, I fully understand if you'd prefer that the development of MCX begin winding down, but I was just thinking it'd be neat if there was an option in the batch converter to export a group of jpeg preview images:


Would that be a really difficult option to add? I suppose maybe human interaction is necessary to zoom and rotate the 3D preview window prior to capturing nice screenshots, but still just being able to quickly generate a batch of preview images of objects contained in a particular object library would be so handy at times...

Just an idea, and thanks so much for what you've done with MCX already, it's an awesome piece of work :) .



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Hi Jim,

Giving the amount of ideas still on my ModelConverterX wishlist, the development won't be winding down soon I think. And that's fine with me, since the development is most fun.

But I think there are two features available already that might help you:

1. The object report functionality. This makes a HTML page with information about all different objects in a library. It includes screenshots.

2. In the options you can specify that while doing a batch convert, that an image of the object should automatically be saved as well.

Do you think any of those two would help in your case?
Wow Arno, the object report generator is more than I had ever dreamed of!

I'd used it before on a single object but I didn't know you could import an entire library to be indexed like this. It's brilliant, every relevant bit of info is there for every object in the library. You can even adjust the size of the thumbnail previews by resizing the MCX window prior to running the object report! Perfect!!!

Do you think any of those two would help in your case?

I think that should take care of it ;)

Thanks very much,