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Axis brake set commands problems.

The SDK says we can use AXIS_LEFT_BRAKE_SET and AXIS_RIGHT_BRAKE_SET to set brakes and gives the input and output values.

Only problem is AXIS_LEFT_BRAKE_SET appears to follow the values for AXIS_LEFT_BRAKE_LINEAR_SET which is not currently supported by the sim.

What this means is that if you set the left and right brake axis to, let's say, -8191 then the left brake will be set to 25% while the right brake will be set to 8%.

What to do in this situation? Either you account for the discrepancy in the two commands knowing it's possible that Asobo will fix the problem in the future (thus breaking your plane) or you just figure out another way of doing it.
I asked a question about this a couple of years ago, but did not receive an answer anywhere. I experimented with this for a long time. It turned out that the left axis variable sometimes even works normally, but most often it unstably underestimates the axis parameters. Thе solution to disabling and tracking via simconnect with an equalizing formula could not correct the balance, but at least it aligned both left and right axes to the same parameters.