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P3D v4 Beta with Prepar3D v4 support


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FSDevConf team
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Hi all,

Please find attached to this thread a version of the AutogenConfigurationMerger that should suppport Prepar3D v4 as well. Could a few of you please test this new version before I release it officially?
Thanks for the quick service!
It installed and works great in v4, I'll give it a test tomorrow to see what happens when I update the descriptions.
Just one issue -- P3Dv4 has two different sets of AutogenDescriptions.sbp, depending on whether Dynamic Autogen is active. The merger tool updates the dynamic version, but it would make sense to have it update both, as I would guess that there is a fairly even split between those who do and don't use the new trees.
The other file is AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.sbp

P.S. It does answer the question whether or not you can merge 'normal' trees with the dynamic trees, so great to see that you can!
When the trees are switched is Prepar3D actually loading a different file or does it just swap them over? In the last case on the next startup the right trees would be merged automatically. Else I would indeed have to merge into two files.

I agree with what was proposed (i.e; update the two sets of autogendescription files). My understanding is that P3Dv4 is using one or the other depending upon the selection of Speedtrees or not in the menu.

Speedtrees being recognized as a FPS killer I think that most of us will choose not to use the Speedtrees option. Doing so P3Dv4 will then select and use the "non Speedtree autogen file" called AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.sbp which ACM does not update so far if I understood well.

Hope that helps

The legacy file is currently not updated indeed. I'll add support for that as well.
Hi Arno,

Thanks for all your efforts in updating your tools so quickly, this one is an absolute must have...

One question though please? ...will ACM for v4 also check for autogen files included with sceneries added through the add-on.xml scenery package methodology as well as scenery.cfg please?

Thanks Kevin
Hi Kevin,

I have to check how the add-on.xml works, I have never used it myself. I'll check how easy it is to support this way.
It should be relatively easy for a man of your talents? :)

According to the SDK Autogen is a supported category of addon so ACM would only have to additionally check the addon locations in addon.cfg to see if there are any autogen category components?
But for the autogen that is defined in the addon.cfg already there is no need to merge it anymore is there? That sounds like a way to specify that autogen should be used from else where already.

I might need to check addon sceneries that are added through the addon.cfg, unless these get added to the scenery.cfg automatically already.
you know, I never tested that?!
Its been in the sdk since v3 and I posted about it at the LM forums then but never got a reply,
let me test and come back...
I'm not sure if it just swaps or actually merges. In v3 I interpreted it as the first.
I'm not sure if it just swaps or actually merges. In v3 I interpreted it as the first.
Autogen - Refers to a component that adds an additional autogen directory that Prepar3D can use to resolve autogen files.

I'd expect that the use of 'additional' as opposed to 'alternative means it merges them?

I'm adding in the last ES autogenesis scenery package now using add-on.xml, having some issues with scenery layers but no content errors are being generated relating to the autogen category entry...
It sounds like a merge indeed. I should try it with an addon scenery where I use ACM and see if it works.

In that case ACM might not be needed for v4 anymore.
Hello Arno

a nice utility by the way.

works perfect in V3 , in V4 I could not get trees!

I have noticed it did not update the Legacy.

when I tick Dynamic 3d autogen vegetation and update I get trees but the sim CTD when you get close to trees at different locations, on final or when in Slew !

If I untick Dynamic 3d autogen vegetation I then get no trees only buildings

I have tried Orbx , Sim720 & ES.

I assume these three do not work well with Dynamic 3d autogen vegetation and this maybe the issue , so I would think the Legacy needs updating to use normal texture trees.

hope this is some help


ACM works best with scenery that's designed to use it. For the sceneries you mention that's not the case as far as I know.

They all worked flawlessly with P3d V3 , I think it needs to merge the Legacy descriptions for P3d V4 as others have said.

Do you know why they have 2 different Autogen descriptions ? I assume it is they are not compatible with each other.

Anyway nice utility and thanks
My test with the Earth Sims scenery looked positive. I got all the autogen I thought I should having added the additional files through add-on.xml

So, ACM probably needn't do any more than look for additional autogen folders relating to scenery.cfg entries

Cheers K
Kevin, Arno

Did you finally come to the conclusion that ACM is no more needed ?

If yes how do you install additional autogen definition files ? For instance AGX from FranceVFR now have released a 64bit version of their agx.exe (2.01 version I think) that works perfect but replace the Prepar3D V4 definition files instead of merging them.


I would like to know as well if ACM is needed or not. But I haven't had the time yet to test myself. So if anybody knows I would be happy to hear.