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P3D v4 Chevrolet Suburban - Released


Resource contributor
Unfortunately I can only drive backwards, because Shift+D is the default assignment for all Drzewiecki Sode events. With this, the lever moves, but the SODE window of Drzewiecki opens and for the car it is ineffective.:(
Any hint?
Don't use Shift-D then, but instead use either Flaps-Increase/Flaps-Decrease (default FSX/P3D keys: F7/F6) , or use mouseclicks in the VC, to change the transmission lever.
As documented.

Or change the default assignment for Drzewiecki Sode events.
Whatever you prefer ….

And as a general sidenote on your reply:
It is impossible for any flightsim addon designer to anticipate on (default) choices made by other addon designers; in whatever combination of addon's for a user.
Let alone, how a user prefers to have his flightsim program setup wrt. controller and keys/buttons assignments.

The best any addon designer can do, is (in any order and/or combination):
- Use the sim's defaults.
- Make it user-configurable.
- Offer alternatives.

And even then, there might be unresolveable conflicts between addon's.
In that case, it's up to a user to decide preference for addon's.

Hope you understand….

Regards, Rob

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Hey, I kept trying.
For some reason, I tried at the first place I launched it (the place it worked well) it's NLWW, and it works perfectly
The place where it did not worked was L41, so I tryed to change airport from ?LWW to L41 without leaving the sim, avter few seconds: engine stopped...
Then I launched to NWWW, I started the enige, it works perfecly.

The 2 differences between NWWW/NLWW and L41 are Altutude and temperatures, do you think it it the problem?
Great that it still worked. In the areas where the Chevy does not start, you can ride a bike or take the Porsche from the Jena package ;-)

Rob, let it be. The man cannot be helped, he does not receive any support. According to her own information, this is a computer scientist. But can not solve the simplest problems ...
What could one say to that? Besides thanks to Rob.
.....and I have no idea of Addon development. That's why there are so many of me....here in showroom and on my website....:rotfl:

I still have some things that I notice in the driving, but ok, stay with it alone. The users will have them too.
Happy Christmas Time
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Thank you :)
Meanwhile, I enjoy it on sea level places :)

Now, I need some people to make a "convoy" or a group fl... road trip :p
Meanwhile, I enjoy it on sea level place
That's just the way it is. In the simulator they are models of airplanes, even if they look like cars. And as you know, at high altitudes they have a mixture control or just go out.
Hopefully Chevrolet will not take it amiss...;)

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Trolls were hanging around here in the forum. Please don't feed them. Some of them suspect a conspiracy behind everything and everyone :)
Trolls were hanging around here in the forum.
One cannot contradict this if one reads the following:
It doesn't hurt anyone here that it doesn't work for you
Rob, let it be. The man cannot be helped, he does not receive any support. According to her own information, this is a computer scientist. But can not solve the simplest problems ...


Nevertheless the model remains basically very beautiful. It is also not bad, if you have not thought about the behaviour in the height.
However, I have a different style of answering questions and have no problem not knowing everything. That would be suspicious to me.

Rob helped me a lot by the way, because I assigned keys in my cockpit. If the car still drives everywhere I am happy all around.
So I don't see any reason to meet someone here with aggression all the time. See quotes above.

Thank you Sir.

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
I think I will create a pack of textures
That's a good idea. If you could get a package ready and offer it for download, then I could make a link to your repaints from the download page :)

In the meantime we have created and released an update v1.01 for the Chevrolet. The repaired XML file should also solve the problems with starting the engine at high altitudes.: Chevrolet Suburban V1.01

– Corrupt XML file exchanged
– 3-D model revised
– Quickstart Reference revised

There is a video from a user who recorded the Chevrolet on St Maarten:


Thanks Christian :) Im uploading it on AVSim :) I will post the link when its done.

Merry Christmas to you and Familly