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ADE Flatten and terrain polygons

Hi folks
I am using ADE v. 1.79.7475 and P3D V 4.5

I have a question regarding terrain polygons in ADE.
To mention, that i already have read the various posts and helpful manuals about this topic (from Jim Ville etc)

Still i have a question: when i flatten an airport with the type "Airport Background" and tag "Flatten" (or others including Flatten , usually Flatten Mask Class Map ExcludeAutogen", I see other Landclass polygons such as "Forest Park" also flattened. That means I see the polygon with the colors of the trees but everything is flat.

or the other way asked: Is there a possibility to see Landclasses with Trees and Buildings inside an Airport area which as been "flattened" using those Landclass terrain Polygons?

Kind regards
Creating a flatten should do just one thing. That is to flatten the area which the polygon encompasses. When you create a polygon labeled Flatten Mask Class Map Exclude Autogen you are actually doing three things with that polygon. The first is creating flat terrain within the polygon, the second is you are masking the default landclass within the area of the polygon and replacing it with the airfield grass landclass for that part of the world, thirdly you are removing the autogen trees and buildings within the polygon area. I hope this helps you to better understand.