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MSFS GIMP, Blender normal maps


Resource contributor
Hi guys,

I'm gearing up for MSFS development and now I definitely need a good normal map plugin/proggie.

What I'm used to is the following workflow:
- Create the bump map in Gimp using greyscales.
- Convert it to a FSX-able normal map using the ModelConverterX Texture Converter tool.

That keeps me away from difficult things like Red/Alpha channel blah-blah.

But now with MSFS I cannot use the above-mentioned tool.

So, what's recommended for Gimp? I have used this one incidentally: https://code.google.com/archive/p/gimp-normalmap/
But it looses the details.

For example my file:

This, after converted by Arno's tool, works fine: all waviness and lines are seen in the simulator.
But after converting it using the mentioned Gimp plugin, I get this:

The panellines are there, but not the waviness.

Am I doing something wrong or need I another tool?

Cheers, Daan


Resource contributor
If I remember correctly, the latest version of GIMP has a normal plugin that is internal and can be configured for either DirectX or OpenGL .
Though, you can use the stand-alone version of NVidia Texture Tools. Doesn't require a NVidia graphic card. Also, will give you freedom of the different normal map configirations, such as DirectX or OpenGL.

So, it really doesn't matter which, just depends on your likes, etc.


Resource contributor
One thing I forgot to mention and or ask... MSFS does use and accept 16-bit normal maps. Is the above example in 8-bit?


Resource contributor
Well, that is good to read, thanks!

The bit depth of the greyscale map is 32 bits.

So I've installed NVidia, there's quite some options. Where can I select DirectX? In the top bar it says OpenGL.


Resource contributor
To make it DirectX compatible you will need to always flip the Y-axis.

On the xcf (GIMP) file you can change the bit to 16, but of course, you will also need to "export as" it to a png file (without an alpha channel).
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