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Google Maps - Add from Background/API Not Working

Hi guys,

I'm working on a personal photoscenery project and it's my first one in a while. I'm using the latest SbuilderX 3.15 but cannot get Google Background Maps to show up to try and make an image. I have requested, and added my Google API key in the SbuilderX .ini file but whenever I try to add from background I am told in a popup 'Could not get an image at Zoom=' regardless of how far I zoom in or where I place the position. I'm very confused as I used to make sceneries with SbuilderX all the time a few years back but never had this issue before, could it be something to do with an incorrect API key?

Just to clarify, the ArcGis map source works fine, so seems to be something I've done wrong related to the google server.
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You know, I'm an idiot. THANKYOU. I don't know how I screwed that up so hard, something so simple I just got the ordering of what I was supposed to be doing wrong. Thanks!


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But the Google map thing isn't working. It's not likely anyone would fix that. The code for SBuilderX has been public domain for quite some time... the message here is that almost everyone is moving to MSFS.