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How to get a consistent flash pattern?

Take a look at the effect above the right wing (red strobe) in the video I posted below, I have VisualFXtool up but the recorder didnt capture it.

My problem is that when I click "do effect" the lights flash then stops and does not repeat, what option would I need to change to get them to flash like a strobe or beacon consistently? As of now they only flash when I exit the cockpit view and move into an outside spot view. Take a look at what I have selected in VisualFXTool and let me know what I would need to change to get that consistent flash! Thank you thank you!



Resource contributor
The VFX tool is, by Lockheed-Martin's own admission, FUBAR'd and has been since FSX days (if not before). They state that the bugs in it are so bad that it is not fixable, so they use internal tools for creating and testing fx. I would download Arno's FX Editor and get a feel for the structure of an fx file - you can build one in Notepad++ or similar. To get it to show up in-sim after any change you will need to close the sim and then restart it because all fx are loaded at startup only.

Trust me, it's a RRPITA.
Thank you for the reply, I have FX Editor but for some reason the same fx file that I'm working on above does not show up in the FX Editor for some reason, I keep hitting "restart effect" and im not seeing anything.


Resource contributor
Change forums and add a topic to the FX Editor forum. Or search the forum to see if anyone else has had the same problem. I do know from using FX Editor myself that if the fx is below a certain size (not known) it doesn't show up in the 3D window. I'd guess you may be seeing this because I had the same problem with recognition and logo lights. The only way I could see what I was doing was to add the fx to the aircraft.cfg file and then shut down and restart the sim between changes.

If you try 'Do Effect' in the LM VFX Tool then the effect is fired off at the reference point of the aircraft. If you can get in the fuselage you might see it.
Hey Dragon, in LM VFX Tool as you can see above in the video you can see the effect working, what im trying to figure out is a way to repeat the "triple flash" strobe effect. It fires off once then doesnt do it again unless I go in the VC then switch to spot view.