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FSX I have windows 7, fsx, is3 problem,

i load my program like KFHR friday harbor airport all ok till i place in add ons ,my screen starts flying. i key y to stop slew but continues if i start it up agn. any help would be appreciated thanks
Hi Buck:

You should be able to fix this by calibrating your controller in the Windows 7 system game controller dialog boxes.

But first, please tell us if the problem is different from the one we previously discussed here:


If the problem is actually different, tell us what type of controller you use for FSX (such as a joystick, yoke, etc.).

Also, please tell us if you have more than (1) controller device connected for FSX.

Additionally, please tell us if you use a "Force-Feedback" feature with your FSX controller(s).

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hello GaryGB... ok am useing Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals (USB)on X52 H.O.T.A.S. (USB) no force, i reinstall fsx with acceleration, been useing this software for several years..but useing is3 down loading objects and other scenery,maybe corrupt have to delete some of those programs. i was care full to test every thing but its still happens. calibrated again, i can still fly aircraft , ok with download programs from orbx. as soon i use add on,s than instant scenery starts flying till i key slew than stops. am going to try to remove some other software i suspect, will see what happens i will follow up with you about that again you for your support...
Hi Buck:

Having been a Beta tester with fairly extensive experience using Instant Scenery for personal FS projects, I am confident that your described user aircraft slew behavior is not due to any of your add-ons (including IS3).

I would not expend time / effort un-installing 3rd party add-ons that you may still wish to use in the future, as, IMHO, they are not likely the cause of the IS3 Slew mode control issues you describe above.

IMHO, instead we need to inspect:

FSX Menu > Settings > Controls > Control Axes > Controller Type = Saitek X52 Flight Controller > Flight mode = Slew

Note that one can configure mapping of controller Axes in "Normal" or "Slew" mode by 'ticking' a radio button type of control above the list of FSX functions for a particular selected type of game controller attached / mapped in FSX.


FYI: I also use the Saitek X52 (original model) USB HOTAS controller with FSX, and have had the same symptoms you describe, with the user aircraft spinning or flying away over terrain when I toggle Slew mode with the "Y" key and/or activate IS3 into object placement mode.

Typically this mis-configuration occurs if certain controller Axes are linked / mapped to the FSX user aircraft Axes for Slew mode.

For example, the rotary dials on the Saitek HOTAS Throttle may be linked to FSX Rudder Axis and cause the user aircraft to 'spin' rapidly.

First, remove mappings for any non-Saitek game controllers and/or FS features not intended to be used on your (2) piece Saitek controller.

After calibrating the controller via FSX Menu dialogs, test removing / re-assigning controller Axis mappings for Slew mode, then re-calibrate.

BTW: For more precise object placement using IS3 via a joystick controller instead of a Mouse, you may wish to use "Slew Assist" :


...or SlewMaster by Don Grovestine (aka "gadgets")

[...R.I.P., Don; many thanks for all your excellent contributions and hard work. :wave:...]


...via the generosity of Owl's Nest website:


PS: For IS3 object placement that does not require as much precision as is enabled using a "Slew" utility with the game controller mode, I believe you may find that it is easier to use IS3 in its 'new' Mouse mode, rather than via its 'legacy' game controller mode.

I would recommend instead assigning the Left Mouse Button in IS3 Add Objects mode, as shown below:



Let me know how this process works for you. :)



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