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MSFS Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation


Resource contributor
After completely having lost passion for modeling and development I found it again not too long ago.
So much so that I have even worked on my Fokker 130 again. (funny enough the real life F130 has been cancelled by now and replaced with another design)
I am taking it way more serious than I have ever done as I am having actual fun again, despite the occasional swearing fit at the computer.
But this is not about that :)
I have decided as a follow up project I will be making a L-1049 for MSFS.
It will be freeware for now, it depends how in depth the final product will be
I have gotten access to the maintenance handbook and pilot's handbook for the 1049 and always wanted to make one, so here it is (so far).

Only problem...... I have 0 programming skills and I am not great at texturing so still lots to learn.
Also this will be the first plane I will be making for MSFS.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions or tips please let me know!





Model looks great! Programming (just like modelling) is a matter of doing, failing and finally succeeding and once you get started it's a lot of fun! Good luck with the project!
Amazing Choice of projets, few days ago I actually was wishing for a Constellation!!! I wish you all the best ;)
Awesome vintage aircraft!

All meshes look so clean... dang man, you nailed her entirely.

Keep it up man.
Thanks all!
Just started work on the aft gear (forward one is not done yet)
And a pax POV picture :)


I am so excited to make this project!
Still a lot to learn in regards to MSFS development but I think this is by far my most accurate model.
It truly is labor of love.
Ever since I was a kid I was playing with models of Constellations and now I am doing it digitally :)
PS sorry for the photo dumps, but I just cannot help it.







Is the oxygen blinker supposed to be there? I thought the connie was pressurised.
We already have a Connie. Redwings made it.
I know and I got it, but this one will likely be freeware, and I am not entirely satisfied with their model.
It's a fun add-on and I recommend people to get it, but the model just isn't up to msfs standards in my opinion.

Is the oxygen blinker supposed to be there? I thought the connie was pressurised.
Based on the Breitling Connie it was there yes, but the cockpit is subject to change anyway.
The thing with older airliners are that the cockpits were not standardized.
Just a question for you all, how much detail should I add too the wheel bays, and what could be the impact on performance in MSFS?
Currently I have not been successful in exporting it to MSFS and is also at the moment not my focus.
Still I am curious.
I guess some stuff could be redone with bump mapping to save on performance.
My current mindset is to just model it and optimize later by deleting and replacing with bump mapping.
Have you considered consulting the SDK?


It goes into great detail over this and many other important factors, allowing us to focus on reinventing a classic and not the wheels it rolls on. 🤓
Have you considered consulting the SDK?

View attachment 89449

It goes into great detail over this and many other important factors, allowing us to focus on reinventing a classic and not the wheels it rolls on. 🤓
I actually look into the SDK on a regular basis but somehow didn't see this page or it didn't register with me :p thanks