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MSFS parking radius not known?


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Bob, since I don't have many of the aircraft and have no idea where they are stored, I'm really unable to be of much help.

I did notice this line in the AIFP.ini file:
Last AC Dir=L:\MSFS 2020\Community\AI Traffic\Scenery\world\traffic
I don't know the "innards" of MSFS. But it does seem to me any aircraft at the end of that path are not going to be found, either by MSFS or by AIFP for parking radius" purposes.

You really need the services of an MSFS2020 expert on this matter - especially since you seem to be the only one experiencing the issue.
Let me post over at AIG.. Not sure either Don.. Might try someone at discord but they seem to not really know anything.. The planes do show up in MSFS2020..these are strictly ai's..until AIG can do an OCI for MSFS...

Zappy New Year and STAY SAFE!!!!!


I didn't post at AIG but I am using the Custom AI Folder now and no radius issues reported but it would be nice to be able to select where you MSFS aircraft are located without the crash.....

Warmest Regards Don and Happiest New Year to you,
BobM. the way the update in the about is corrupt....

Thanks Don.. Hi Tom..Greets to you Sir.


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    corrupt help updater.PNG
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Everything has been fine up till today. Using the Custom Ai location.. and no evidence of radius but I notice one thing. When I compile and save and everything is black in the aircraft list.......Exit..I come back..I reload the traffic bgl and I have aircraft come up in red..i regenerate the aircraft..they go back to black..i compile i save file set and this goes round and round....Not sure whats going on.

Thanks Don,


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Bob, my earlier response was rather cryptic but nonetheless true. (What am I supposed to be able to do with a brief report like that alleging traffic file problems. You could have at least attached the traffic file.)

No one else seems to be reporting similar symptoms. If this were a fundamental shortcoming of AIFP, I would expect otherwise. So, it would seem clear whatever the problem, it's due to your process or the way you have configured your system.

Some time ago in an earlier thread you described your very convoluted method for manipulating MSFS2020 aircraft, so convoluted I was unable to understand how you succeeded as far as you did. I suggested your process may have been responsible for your difficulty and that you seek help from others. It doesn't appear you got much help.

So, I'm afraid you are on your own. I don't know what you mean by 'Custom Ai location". All I can tell you is if the aircraft are black when you create the traffic file and red when you reload the traffic file , AIFP is looking in two different places.
I am saving my aifp stuff in Custom AI Traffic inside Community as you recommended. When I load certain files..they have black with some aircraft in red. When I click on regenerate aircraft..they go black and I compile and save file set and I have to do this everytime I open aifp.. Just curious.

Not sure why..

Thanks Don......enjoy your day..


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  • Open bgl with aifp step 1.PNG
    Open bgl with aifp step 1.PNG
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  • Regenerate installed aircraft list.PNG
    Regenerate installed aircraft list.PNG
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The MSFS folder Custom AI cannot be used as a source of aircraft. Neither MSFS nor AIFP will ever find them (unless, in the latter case, you tell it specifically to look there - and there's no way to do this at traffic file load time). Perhaps if you stick to standard procedures you'll have fewer difficulties.


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Bob, I read your deleted e-mail. and checked your .in file. One line reads "Last AC Dir=L:\MSFS 2020\Community\Custom AI Traffic\scenery\world\traffic" which suggests you are still trying to save aircraft in that folder.

If you want to continue having to doing what you are currently doing. , leave them there. If you want them found automatically, either move them to a "normal" MSFS aircraft folder or use stock aircraft.

There's nothing I can do in AIFP. AIFP automatically looks for installed aircraft where MSFS looks and only there
Thanks Don.. My Traffic or simobjects are here? My flightplans..aircraft and airport texts are in the aifp/Flightplan folder and my Bgls's are in the Traffic/F20 folder and the Package at the top is where I mounted all the bgl's to (by default) to Custom Ai Traffic that AIFP creates.....does this look right now? I just watched it. .I opened aifp and opened THE VHHX RETRO it came up with the red aircraft and i hit regenerate and it went black..i watched when I compiled it and then hit save file set and it wrote it into the Custom Ai Traffic folder in traffic with the bgl's


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Bob, I have no idea what you are trying to accomplish. I've already told you AIFP will not look in MSFS traffic folders for aircraft. It looks in MSFS Aircraft folders - which have an entirely different structure.
Please tell me where the Aircraft folder is because in Community folder I have a simobjects and aircraft listed.......AIFP can find the aircraft fltsim lines why can't msfs find it.. where should it be..



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There is no Aircraft of SimObjects folder in MSFS that corresponds to the similarly-named folders in FS/P3D

I expect non-stock aircraft should be stored in the Community folder in exactly the same manner/format as they are in the Official folder. Take a careful look at how stock aircraft are saved.