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MSFS Pilots Loading up Half Outside of Cabins?!

Hey all,

I have tried all my tricks at getting pilots to load properly, but now and then, at least 1 out of 10, probably more, they will load sitting outside of the cabin, half way out...

If I move them inwards, they are too close together. If I link them to a new dummy, or unlink them it makes no difference, they still malfunction intermittently.

Anyone know of a fix?

Many thanks for any thoughts or theories.

Not much I can tell to help you, just so much:
I've seen that with the ATSim Piaggio 149 too, so you're not alone with that bug.:rolleyes:
There are others. With the pilots, side by side, it is happening quite a bit.
I have tried all sorts of things to fix this. Nothing seems to work
I've seen this with one of my models. For me the pilot sits in the correct place, but for another user he's shifted about 6 feet forward. No idea what's causing it though.

hate it... :( Hopefully we'll figure it out soon. I wonder why it doesnt happen with Asobo planes? We must be missing something....
A component to the mystery is.... it occurs every so often, like 1 out of 5 times. For those several times, it's fine. Then it malfunctions. So its intermittent. What would be intermittent? Cant be weather because I loaded up a presaved flight with saved weather over and over, and it did this. So its not a weather trigger. Something must be triggering this.
It occurred to me. I have the people slightly pressed into the seat, for realism. I wonder if its creating a collision issue with the sim placement of the pilots... I'm going to test that theory.
I believe the issue is pilots touching seats. Raising the pilot nodes up caused the planes not to have issues, however the pilots heads were rising out of the roof. I am lowering my seats a bit to see if I can cause this to stop. I had 12 successful bootups in MSFS with pilot nodes moved upwards. I did move the seats downwards and retested with original pilot node heights so their heads werent coming out of the roof and the issue persisted, lasting 3 bootups until it happened at bootup 4.

Pilot node collision with seats.......! Either move your pilot nodes up, or move your seats down, or both.