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MSFS Possible help with isolated parking TropicalSim TNCC

Hello experts,

I have picked up this project again and tried to fix some isolated parking spots at the 3rd party airport. Unfortunately to no avail. ScruffyDuck was kind enough to fix an issue which prevented me from opening/starting the project. In the mean time I have worked to create paths to these parking spots, but the issue remains. My work process was to;

- The isolated parking spots are the group of 4 spots located to the West of the main apron (nose-in) parking spots.
- Start with Sruffy's start xml (picture provided)
- Add taxi and vehicle links that connect these isolated parking spots to the vehicle and/or taxiway system (picture provided)
- Save the project, then build the project.
- MSFS Package Manager pops up and compiles the project with no red error texts.
- Open MSFS
- I went into the GSX ini file for TNCC and pointed it to the new BGL in the community folder
- Restarted GSX and the parking still says "Isolated"
- I opened the compiled BGL from a new project to check if it matches my compiled project. All the connections are there and the same

At this point I'm not sure what it is may be wrong. The AFCAD portion I have compiled clearly shows that the links are there. Is there anything else I could try?



Before the editing started:

Current Status:
As an alternative, open the project in MSFS developer mode and see if it matches the ADE display. Then try saving the project to a different folder and then build the project. See if it generates any errors. You can also check the xml file in Package Sources with Notepad++ to see if you can spot anything that's wrong. Does the ADE fault finder show anything of interest?

My experience has been that Asobo keeps tweaking the airport BGL format/BGL compiler and some of those changes may have outpaced ADE MSFS 21 HF4. For example, I've noticed that creating a project with parking of type GATE_MEDIUM creates a parking of type GATE_SMALL in developer mode, but with the correct size.
Hello Jay,

wow! A lot of information to digest and a little over my level of experience. I'll read up and see how far I get with it.

Thanks for your input.

it seems that Umberto from FSDT gave me the golden tip. The problem was that MSFS was still looking at the original BGL or NaviGraph BGL. I wasn't sure because the in game MSFS Debug text is SO small at 4K. However, the Draw Debug feature on the link he posted clearly showed that the original BGL was being loaded. I could tell by the isolated vehicle link lines as seen on the 1st pic above. Reading on from his reply, he did his best to explain the intricacies of package layering. And according to him, the simplest, best and cleanest way to make sure the modified file is loaded last is to make sure it is all the way down in the Community folder. e.g. by adding "zzz-" in front. So that is what I did, ran the layout generator and .....


... viola! You can now see the pink taxi links and orange vehicle links. GSX now also works correctly on these stands as they are now connected to taxiway system. It's so amazing how vastly different P3D and MSFS are.

Thanks again to those who took the time to read.


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Adding 'zzz' as a package prefix assures the package is loaded last (and supersedes any package loaded previously). And prefixing as '!' as a prefix loads your package earlier than other packages in community, allowing other packages to overlay it. It's alpha-numeric loading.