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Problem open static model "no/valid BGL Section"

Hi Everyone,

I´m a SAMM-Newbie, and starting to create my first static Aircraft with SAMM (Version 2.2.10).
The Creation of the static model works fine (as far as I can evaluate this)




But when I try to open the created static model, I get the following Errormessage:



What am I doing wrong?
I really would like to use SAMM instead of programming AI-Traffic to see some other planes when lynding at an airport.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Resource contributor
The explanation for the error is that you appear to have converted a FSX aircraft but you have found your way into a FS9-only routine in SAMM.

But the main problem appears to be a misunderstanding of the intended use of "or open static model". This function is intend to re-open a previously-converted static model for re-conversion - and the code anticipates only FS9 aircraft. (That's a valid issue and I'll address it in the next release). But it has nothing to do with the usability of the converted static aircraft nor, I suspect, is that what you were trying to do.

If you want to view the converted aircraft, you should use the Viewer in the bottom left-hand corner of the dialog or, place the aircraft and examine it in Flightsim.
Hi Gadgets,
Thanks for the feedback. This was a misunderstanding on my side.
I did go ahead with placing the converted models and it was a success, as you can see here.


Thanks for your support!