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FSXA Problem with DSD Sound gauge

Im trying to get a sound to play, but keep getting an error that the gauge cant find the sound file.
But, the error is saying it cant find the sound file, right where i put it !?

Different locations throw the same error

but there it is staring me in the face :


My PANEL file entries :

Background_color = 0,0,0
size_mm = 1024,1024
visible = 1
pixel_size = 1024,1024
texture = $vc_gxml_lm
gauge00 = L049_Illumination!gauges1, 0, 0, 1024, 1024
gauge01 = Gauges\dsd_fsx_xml_sound!Sound, 2,2,2,2,.\Gauges\dsd_fsx_xml_sound.ini

My INI :


Sound01= D:\FSX\Sound\LM\lm_xml_01.wav


Both [sound] entries dont work...wether a '.\' , or a '.' or '\' is used.

Spent a whole day going back and forth with this , and it just wont work.
Please help!
I would check the file itself... the error says it's an invalid file... not a missing file. What does the Full Error Code of 0x110 actually mean?
Hey WarpD :)

not able to get much info from googling the error code...only the info in the window in the pics i posted.

I don't understand why its complaining it's invalid, the second pic shows the error saying it cant find the file/ invalid...but as you can see it is right there in windows explorer.

very confused.

Delete the files and re-do them?

Thanks for replying.
It isn't stating it can't find the file, it's stating it's not a valid audio file. If it couldn't locate the file, it would return a MMIOERR_FILENOTFOUND error. There is something about that audio file it doesn't like. The only thing I can find regarding your error is this blurb from Microsoft:
Another failure condition occurred. This is the default error for an open-file failure.
Not very useful... but it definitely means it doesn't like the audio file.
I've had a little investigation and you are 100% correct.
I changed the file location within the INI to another file in the sounds folder in Fsx, and it worked.
Changed it back to mine, failed.
Put my sound, in the working sound file, failed.
Put a sound from the working file into my file - success.

So if my audio file is in any folder, it fails.

Thanks WarpD - at least i know its now the audio file and not my panel edits/INI file or such.
I wonder whats up with the audio file..