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Quick Question.....

Hey all,
wondering how i can use a virtual cockpit from one airplane in a different plane. I found this global express on flightsim.to https://flightsim.to/file/35553/bombardier-global-6000-e-11a
and I was wondering since i own the aerosoft CRJ, cant I just use the vc from that in the global? I tried to copy the interior model files from the crj into the global and then re assign the cfg to use the "CRJ900.XML but all I get is the airplane with no cockpit....Can someone point me in the right direction especially if you happen to have the CRJ (the global is free), and chance i can get some help here?

For which sim is this? MSFS?
Flightsim.to is MSFS specific. I do have the Aerosoft CRJ and I know there have been many posts about swapping cockpits, I've even dabbled at it, but I tend to forget everything I'm not directly working on so all I can offer is encouragement, it is imminently doable. I don't think you have to actually move files, I think you can access the VC through the VFS, but the actual cockpit file is not just the XML, there is the Panel folder and HTML or WASM folders, perhaps custom Template folders and of course textures. So you could find and swap all these things, basically an entire copy of the CRJ with no exterior model and the exterior model, textures and whatever else from Global Express, pile it all together in one Package and then use MSFS JSON Formatter to get the sim to recognize it and it would probably work, but there almost for sure is a more elegant solution.
Man thanks for your response!! now I’m curious what elegant solution there could be lol. I’m desperately trying to use this Global but the VC is just so cheesy that it’s unusable in todays Flight Simulation world, after coming out of even a Carenado aircraft it’s just not very elegant to say the least. The basic cockpit is good, maybe there’s just a way to update/mod the existing VC to make it a little more modern(doesn’t even necessarily have to be accurate or have system depth, I’d settle for carenado quality). It’s a shame because I do not possess the knowledge base to pull this off, but the external model is actually very good and holds up to today’s standard. I my opinion we so very badly need a LONG RANGE business jet that isn’t a darn airliner (BBJ) but we’re at the mercy of the developers, and unfortunately it seems the flight sim community as a whole is too enamored with Prop bug smasher after prop bug smasher or yet another airliner. The business jet side of things is all VLJ’s ,hell your lucky to get a Learjet. Would getting this bird up to some kind of modern standard be such a huge undertaking? I mean, I for one would be willing to use a very good CRJ cockpit LOL, goes to show ya it doesn’t have to be perfect. Is there anyone that does this kind of basic VC Modding? I’d be willing to get PayPal in the mix if you catch my drift lol.