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P3D v4 Refresh Effect-Files (FX-Files)

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
I am somewhat sure that the problem has been discussed more than once here. But maybe there is a solution for it now.

It's about the FX files, also called Effect files. Currently I am working on taillights and headlights for a Porsche Carrera GT and would like to attach dynamic lights there. That works quite well:


Porsche Carrera GT with attached dynamic lights for Headlights and Taillights

Now I would also like to add a small dynamic light on the license plate, so that the light of the license plate illuminated by a dynamic light. So far this is simulated over a night texture (Night Map):


The illumination of the license plate is simulated so far via a night texture

The problem is that I have to restart the P3D every little change to the corresponding FX file, which takes about 20 seconds. So I get on very slowly and annoying tur it also. Of course, I know the FX tool from the SDK, but it does not get me any further, as I have to "read" the change directly to the Porsche. Also, the reloading of the Porsche on the key assignment "Reload User Object" or the key assignment "Refreh Scenery" does not work for me.

So my question: Can I refresh FX files during the runtime of the P3D?


Resource contributor
Effects are only loaded once, so far as I know, unless you create new ones using fxtool. You can edit and rename, edit your model to call the newly edited effect and reload that, if it's any faster for you. That was my work around for developing specific effects, like this "sandstorm." It was modified from one of the default aurora effects.


Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Hi Rick!

It took a moment before I understood what you meant :confused:

But it works, I would never have come to that.

Have made several copies of the effect file with consecutive number and made each small changes to the copies and reloaded the Porsche with the changed effect name and effect values with "Refresh User Object" :)


Will now continue with the cockpit lighting and then edit the license plate:wizard:

Thank you so far, your very valuable tip respectively your work around were very helpful and saves me a lot of time!

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Completing and late at night I would like to inform only briefly about the success of the illumination of the license plate by a dynamic light. With the help of Rick, I was able to reduce the time needed to place and modify the license plate lights on the Porsche Carrera GT to a minimum:


The effect is that only the license plate is illuminated, not the ground or other parts of the vehicle.

Many thanks Rick for your tip!

PS: The next step will be to control the backlight via a LUA script, so you can turn on/off the Night Map in combination with the Navigation Light switch.
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