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SBuilderX - Custom Objects Error on Compile


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I'm trying to place a 90x90m custom grass object using SBuilderX. I have followed the directions for adding custom object libraries, however I am getting the following message on compile:

I have added the following line to FSX_autogen.txt in SBuilderX315\LibObjects:
{b09204dc-1a35-4380-a045-32fa6adab99b} 2 90 90 1 grass_sugarcane_90x90

I have tried to export in both SBuilderX313 and 315. Neither will export the placement file for my custom model. If I delete all of my models from the work view and add a default object, the BGL compiles just fine. What could I be overlooking here? It has been years since I added and placed a custom model with SBuilderX, but I don't remember having this much trouble..

I'm still trying to figure out a solution to this issue. Has anyone else been down this route?
Hi Chris:

Assuming your custom 3D object MDL is already:

* packaged inside a discrete Scenery Library Object 'Library' BGL properly created via BGLComp

...and that Scenery Library Object 'Library' BGL is in a:

* 'active' Area layer linked to a paired \Scenery and \Texture sub-folder chain under a top folder in the FS Scenery Library GUI stack of layers

...perhaps another review of criteria for adding custom objects to SBuilderX described in:

[SBuilderX install path]\LibObjects\Objects.Txt may help ?


PS: If that custom MDL is packaged in a discrete Scenery Library Object 'Library' BGL, did you remember to:

* create a discrete [FSX_custom scenery object library file name].txt in: [SBuilderX install path]\LibObjects\ sub-folder ?

* create a discrete "Include=[FSX_custom scenery object library file name].txt" entry in: [SBuilderX install path]\LibObjects\Objects.Txt ?


Some links:





Hope this helps ! :)

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