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MSFS SimConnect Create Static SimObject issue.

Has anyone experienced a problem trying to create a static SimObject using SimConnect with only an RGB material (no texture files)? The object is in glTF and displays correctly in MCX. However in MSFS it has no color, only white. I know that such objects work okay when used directly by the sim, because there are some in Asobo_UI.bgl like the taxi arrow, which is blue. My model.cfg, model.xml and sim.cfg all look correct.
I am not familiar with SimConnect for creating static objects. If you mean the SDK, then no, no problem whatsoever. It would help if you show us your MCX material panel settings and to know your 3d software, 3ds Max and Blender require specific flight sim materials, Sketchup and MCX do not.
Thanks. I'm away from my computer until early next week but I'll give you some background. I'm working on a 3rd party add-on that has been converted from FSX/P3d to MSFS. For some reason this one static object that the app creates, which is magenta in P3d, shows up as white in MSFS. The object was converted to glTF with MCX and looks fine in MCX, even after saving and reopening it. In MCX, the default settings for the material were not edited and I will post a screenshot next week, so you can see if anything is incorrect. Model.cfg, model.xml and sim.cfg seem okay and I can post them also if needed. The json files in the package look okay also. There is something obvious that I'm missing.
Yes, my suspicion is that what you are seeing is the polygon color, the version we see in the 3d editor that defines distinct meshes. This should also be the visible polygon color, but default is actually white or no color. If MCX displays it as magenta, then the Albedo color should also indicate the rgb value for magenta 213, 26, 247.
Rick, I did find this older thread (2021) where people were claiming that MSFS ignored textureless materials and displayed the object as white:

If MCX does not indicate Albedo color as magenta, you can change those numbers to the RBG and that will make it polygon color magenta. You can also import a .png texture to MCX that has dimensions divisible by four colored magenta, assign it to the object and it will be texture color magenta. After either process you can select the Drawcalls tab, click the Material color to vertex color box, click predict drawcalls then minimize drawcalls and it will convert the mesh to vertex color. I believe this is a one way process because MCX can't display vertex color, but it possible you could change the Albedo color, redo the procedure to get a different color.