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TopKit Simulations 737 Classic Freeware Project

G'day all, TopKit Simulations is searching for some individuals who are willing to commit some time to help develop a freeware, open source (in the future), Boeing 737 Classic for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D V4/V5.

We can offer quite a few benefits some of these benefits can be leading to a part time position with TopKit Simulations and Testing all of our Projects in Development. We intend to begin development shortly hence why we're attempting to gather as many developers as possible to ensure that this project is as high a quality as it can be. If you find yourself interested in this then please feel free to private message us or join our discord (Linked Below), Check the announcements channel to see how to notify you'll join our team in developing the 737 Classic.

Thanks for your support and we hope to see you soon!

Discord Link; https://discord.gg/3CMWxtfRcx

We're still looking for developers who could help us put together this amazing freeware family of aircraft. We now have over 2000 pages to help us for systems, cockpit layout and aircraft functions. We've began our initial modelling on the 737-400 this is our first of the 3 variants, We're still looking for Modelers, Systems Designers, MSFS SDK Specialist, Flight Model Specialist, Animations Specialists and Alpha/Beta Testers. We want to share our first work in progress render from the hangar.

For anyone who is interested join our discord and follow the application process! - https://discord.gg/3CMWxtfRcx

Thanks all for the support and interest, We hope to see you soon!


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and again bump!

Since beginning this project just over a month ago we've come a long way from where we started. We're looking for all sorts of developers. Previous experience or not your welcome to our team as we push for the goal of making the 737CL project for MSFS and P3D to be a potential open source project similar to others. What have we done you may ask well please don't let me just explain it feast your eyes on some of our images below. Please bear in mind this is extremely early development screenshots taken from our MSFS version of the 737CL project. Now that you've viewed our images you may be wondering what stage of development are we actually in. Allow me to answer again. Though our team is quite small at the moment we're progressing faster then originally thought, This also means we're ahead of where we personally thought we'd be, but we're still working hard to bring an amazing aircraft to the community. So why are we searching for developers then? you may ask yourself. Well the short answer is we can never have enough development team members and could always use the extra pair of hands on deck with us. so with this small bump/update concluded, we invite all of you to join our discord and/or apply using the google forms link to join the development team for the 737CL.

Discord Link - https://discord.gg/3CMWxtfRcx
Google Forms Link - https://forms.gle/r8ZZSEmWj1K3JBv5A

We thank the community for the continued interest and support with our endeavours on the 737CL project. We hope to see you all again soon!


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