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Using Background Images

Is there an equivalent in Sketchup to Images as planes that is in Blender 2.72 and above.

How can I produce a scalable background images in SBuilderX 3.15 that I can use Sketchup that I can use as a background image to draw airport buildings in there proper areas.

Do I need to use ModelConverterX to convert the dimensions of the images like you do in Blender.

I would like to use Sketchup to design the buildings and then export them to Blender to finish up.

Thank you

You may wish to review the options previously discussed here:


I recommend you follow the procedure in SBuilderX described here:


...to download selected satellite imagery tiles into the [SBuilderX install path]\Tools\Work sub-folder as (1-piece) 24-Bit Windows *.BMP files.

FYI: Sketchup may 'choke' if working with SBuilderX satellite imagery at Zoom levels >18 mapped as Materials if larger than a 3 Kilometer span on ground.

You may wish to adjust the selection size to be downloaded in SBuilderX so satellite tiles will output to multiple smaller 1-piece imagery *.BMP files.

NOTE: This imagery will be in "non-warped" Mercator-type (EPSG:3785) GIS projection format for Import into Sketchup as a Texture for 3D modeling.

In Sketchup Menu > Window > Preferences > [System Preferences dialog] > OpenGL > [OpenGL settings] ..."check" these check-boxes, then click [OK}

* Hardware Acceleration

* Use Maximum Texture size

Draw a rectangle Face in Sketchup on the round plane with the Rectangle Tool to match the proper size of the largest building on the airfield of interest.

'Group', then Rotate the Face as a flat 3D object, into alignment with the correct N-E-S-W orientation IRL as seen in SBuilderX and/or Google Earth

When the SBuilderX image is Imported as a Texture and mapped as a Material onto the Face, Scale / Position it to fit into exact alignment upon that Face.

You can now draw additional Rectangles on the ground plane in Sketchup that are adjacent to- / arise from- Edges of the original 'Grouped' Rectangle.

'Explode' the original 'Grouped' Rectangle that is mapped with the SBuilderX image Imported as a Texture.

With the Material Tool (Paint Bucket):

1.) Hover the Material Tool (Paint Bucket) cursor over the original Grouped rectangle Face mapped with the SBuilderX image Imported as a Texture

2.) Press / Hold <Alt> key, then Left Mouse click ...to 'sample' the (already) projected SBuilderX image Imported / mapped as a Texture

3.) Release the <Alt> key

4.) Hover the Material Tool (Paint Bucket) cursor over an additional Rectangle drawn on the ground plane in Sketchup that is adjacent to- / arises from- Edges of the original 'Grouped'' rectangle Face (...which has now been "Exploded" to remove the 'Group' attribute).

5.) Left Mouse click, so the Material Tool applies the (already) projected SBuilderX image Imported / mapped as a Texture onto the Face

FYI: If done properly, the Material Tool will paste the next 'contiguous' part of the imagery onto the adjacent Face in exact alignment with the original Face

BTW: Depending on size / resolution of Imported SBuilderX imagery files, one 'may' "Combine" textures ...to derive (1) larger Face on ground in Sketchup.

If you require further assistance, feel free to inquire further. :)

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