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  1. hieronymus

    Extending the menu

    Hi, Thanks in advance for replying. I would like to extend the Menu in MSFS2020, which SDK should i use for that? Same question for If i want to create a text input? Is there a way to create a in program UI?
  2. E

    MSFS KAP 140 autopilot

    Hello experts, I am using the Lionheart Creations TB21 GT Trinidad, I love this aircraft because I used to fly its little brother IRL, the TB-9 Tampico. The problem is that the autopilot does not work as expected, I can even say it doesn't work at all. It works for maintaining altitude, which...
  3. S

    Bitmaps with rotation broke up

    Hi guys, I have a problem with a bitmap on MFD, is ADI ladder, separed in a two bitmaps, from 0 to 90 and 0 to -90. This shows up when you select the ADI pages on the subprogram. The problem appear when the images rotate with the bank plane degrees it look this This is the code of the...
  4. E

    MSFS Flying ILS approach on autopilot

    Hello experts, I am developing an aircraft that has the ability to fly an ILS approach using the autopilot. The LOC mode guides the aircraft on the lateral axis (localizer) and the APR guides it on both lateral and vertical axis (approach mode, handling both localizer and glideslope). To engage...
  5. M

    HID Macros FSX help

    Hi I am working on how to be able to link a HID Macro button to a certain gauge or the other way around I am VERY new to coding and such, and are beaten by the confusing situation regarding coding gauges and macros I am trying to code a macro to my APU gauge in my flightsim FSX I did find a...
  6. E

    MSFS Power set with AUTO_THROTTLE_TO_GA

    When I use this AUTO_THROTTLE_TO_GA event ID to set TO/GA power (with auto-throttle turned on), the power is set to get N2 to 92%. Why is this value set at 92%? Where is it defined? In my systems.cfg and I have this: [AUTOPILOT] autopilot_available =1 autothrottle_available =1...
  7. B21-soaring

    MSFS Can html/js gauge read package file from VFS but not html_ui ?

    Hi I'm able to 'fetch' files from within the gauge JS with a simple: fetch("/Pages/VCockpit/Instruments/JS3-18/b21_nav_lx/b21_leaflet_map/airports.json").then( ...) BUT this seems to expect "html_ui" to be at the root of the served content. I'd like to read e.g. flight_model.cfg under my...
  8. E

    MSFS Autopilot PID reset

    I think the standard MSFS autopilot is quite good if the PIDs are correctly set for the aircraft, this is what I have experienced. I am currently fine tuning the autoland of my aircraft, it works well, but I have another problem: When autolanding, the autopilot commands a trim nose up attitude...
  9. M

    Help with animation driven with XML or WASM

    Hello folks, I've got a decent amount of work for porting over helicopters. If one of you guys can help with the animation, this would be long-term relationship for more than years. They are all about steam gauge easy animations. Please let me know if you can help. I would like to get senior...
  10. A

    FSX Cockpit shadows not affecting gauges

    Hi, I don't know if this is a well known bug or if there is something wrong with my setup, but basically in some aircraft when self shadows are on the cockpit is all nicely shaded as supposed but the gauges seem to ignore the lighting and have an unrealistic glow to them during daytime. I'm...
  11. C

    MSFS wrong turn direction of heading indicator ( SOLVED )

    Hi ALL, for my heading indicator I have done a blender animation from frame 0 ( North ) to frame 45 ( West ) to frame 90 ( south ) to frame 135 ( east ) to frame 180 ( north ) with clockwise rotation as template I used : <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_INSTRUMENT_Needle_Heading_Template">...
  12. evillarreal

    Attitude Indicator

    Hi everyone Recently I installed a new Garmin 1000 panel but there's an issue with the attitude indicator due to when I turn to the right the horizon turn to the left side, in real life and simulator I have flown planes where If you turn to the right or left the horizon goes to the same side...
  13. E

    MSFS Understanding Virtual File System

    I develop gauges in Javascript. As I came through a strange bug, I used the debugger to place breakpoints here and there. I happened to look into NavSystem.js, a source file provided by Asobo and when I saw it in the debugger, I realized the one I was using was not the original source file...
  14. E

    P3D v5 [Solved] Assign a variable to the initial page

    Hi everyone! I'm new in this forum and new to the development of gauges so I need an help. I'm making an EFB in XML (Code below) for a plane I'm modifying and I wanted to show a menu on the top left corner that changes depending on the page. I was able to get the first 2 pages with the menu...
  15. W

    P3D v5 Can anyone tell me which HTML engine is used in Prepar3D v5?

    Hello, I am using HTML gauge to develop a passenger entertainment system in the cockpit of Prepar3D v5, I want to be able to embed media in HTML, So I used the <video> and <audio> tags. My HTML code behaves very well in Google Chrome, However, both <video> and <audio> are not available in...
  16. tomlaut1980

    MSFS Customizing ASVigilus Engine Monitor ?

    Well I currently use the ASVigilus engine monitor screen in my custom made plane. I mostly copied the setup from Asobo´s Extra 330 plane. Now I am trying to change the Engine RPM display, but for some reason I can´t change the colors indicated on the monitor (especially the engine RPM). At the...
  17. Trigger

    P3D v5 Help Converting ITrafficInfo Gauge From FSX To P3DV5.

    Hello everyone, Currently, I'm on a project trying to convert the IRIS F-15E mudhen driver from FSX to P3Dv5/4 and I ran into a problem and need your help; I have a gauge by Jivko Rusev ( the gauge is coded in RPN ) that is supposed to lock on other planes and draw a green box over them, now the...
  18. Jackaroo05

    MSFS P3D v4/v5 Gauge to MSFS?

    Is there any way to port a P3D v4/v5 gauge to MSFS? I'm trying to convert analog gauges. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  19. E

    MSFS Event management

    I am building an alternative PFD for the Asobo A320 Neo in JavaScript, for training purpose. It works quite well but I still have questions about the interaction between the virtual cockpit and the instrument code in JS. I found out some interactions works through local variables (L:vars) but I...
  20. M

    MSFS HTML PFD does not work

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a PFD, but the screen is black. The HTML works fine in the webbrowser and the HTML file is correctly loaded into the flight sim. (because when I'm changing the backround body color, the color of the PFD changes) Does anyone know this issue or what I'm doing...